Spirits Of Fire - Spirits Of Fire - Album Review
Spirits Of Fire - Spirits Of Fire - Album Review 9
Spirits Of Fire - Spirits Of Fire - Album Review 9
Spirits Of Fire - Spirits Of Fire - Album Review 9
Spirits Of Fire - Spirits Of Fire - Album Review 9
Spirits Of Fire - Spirits Of Fire - Album Review 9
9Overall Score
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Spirits Of Fire is the brainchild of Frontier music consisting of Tim “Ripper” Owens, Chris Caffery, Steve DiGiorgio and Mark Zonder and it is not half bad. Eleven tracks of typical Hard / Power Rock with a real Priest/Savatage feel to it. “Light Speed Marching” opens things up with a nice heavy riff and Owens ripping it up, no pun intended, with his trademark vocals, a tasty solo thrown in for good measure and it’s the perfect way to start the album. “Temple Of The Soul” has a kind of Testament feel to it, big drums and high tempo guitars, the only thing missing is Chuck Billy, but don’t let that detract from the song as it is a killer tune with Tim Owens channelling his inner Ronnie James Dio voice. The title track “Spirits Of Fire” is a real whirlwind of a song chugging along nicely to a monster riff and savage drum beat. It has shades of “Painkiller” by Priest but it is much more than that with intricate solos and riffs thrown in all over the place to give it a real head banging, foot stomping anthemic groove to it. “It’s Everywhere” continues the trend of a big sound band and the chugging riffs and beats are so infectious that you just feel yourself getting immersed in every song like you’re in some kind of trance, it’s just epic. “A Game” brings in the second half of the album with a slow grinding groovy number with Brian Johnsonesque vocals dripping all over it, that is until about the four minute mark when it speeds up and snarls out through the speakers and proceeds to melt your face off with some serious guitar work. “Stand And Fight” is a straight up hammer fist to the back of the skull, blistering drums, base and guitars matched only but Owens nasty snarl giving it an edginess that makes you feel a little uneasy, nicely done. “The Path” has an eerie aura to it where you can feel every note plucked resonating through your ears for the first minute as Owens sings in hushed tones until he lets a blood curdling scream out and proceeds to bring you on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. “Alone In The Darkness” is slow and easy way to close the album out, which is no bad thing as it is a ride and a half.

Available everywhere on 22nd Feb this album is packed full of rocking tunes and is a must for any real Rock & Metal fan.




Spirits Of Fire are

Tim “Ripper” Owens                  Vocals

Chris Caffery                           All guitars

Steve DiGiorgio                           Bass

Mark Zonder                           Drums


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