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One of this year’s most highly anticipated releases, Spiritbox’s debut album Eternal Blue drops this coming Friday, Sept 17th via Rise Records. It is hard to turn your head these days without seeing Spiritbox across various media platforms, rightly so if course, they are there on merit and with their debut offering on the horizon, an army of fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. 

Twelve tracks to define your band, to make your mark and what a debut! Eternal Blue lives up to the hype. Spiritbox vocalist, Courtney LaPlante shares, “We are very anxious to release our album, it is a body of work we have been accumulating for over two years. Having the recording process put on hold for so long due to the pandemic has made me see that I can never take the experience of tracking an album for granted ever again. 

I must say that although we never intended to wait so long to do this record, I think it did help the songs become stronger. I am so happy with every single song, I wish I could release each one as a single with a music video. They all reflect different moments and influences in our lives. 

We have had enough time to release the exact music we would like to put out into the world, with no need to compromise. Every single note and every single syllable is the music that we have always dreamed of making and we are very proud of it.” 

The pandemic sure bit into everyone’s plans when it came to releasing new music, so many had to hold back due to the lack of touring to promote releases, the situation in the modern music industry being that you can no longer really sustain a living from selling music alone. Spiritbox as Courtney so eloquently said had to sit on a body of work for an extended period of time, but the work itself delivers in spades. A powerhouse debut that is packed with gargantuan riffage, downturned breakdowns, and of course Courtney’s signature guttural vocals fused with intricate melodic beauty all interwoven together in perfect harmony. 

The album itself is packed with heavy-hitting tracks from start to finish which all flow effortlessly, the easy on the ear melodic fusion which marries the radio-friendly vibes of tracks like ‘The Summit” sit nicely beside ‘Yellowjacket’ Ft. Sam Carter of Architects which pummels you from the off. Djent/Modern-Metal with hints of Industrial with elements of Electronica interwoven Spiritbox are keeping listeners on their toes. 

For all those in wait for Eternal Blue, your wait has not been in vain, Spiritbox has delivered exactly what was expected, a stunning album dripping in quality that will recharge the batteries after a very long 18 months. Turn it up loud!!! Feel that air move and enjoy!

Eternal Blue arrives this Friday, Sept 17th via Rise Records. 

1. Sun Killer
2. Hurt You
3. Yellowjacket feat. Sam Carter
4. The Summit
5. Secret Garden
6. Silk In The Strings
7. Holy Roller
8. Eternal Blue
9. We Live In A Strange World
10. Halcyon
11. Circle With Me
12. Constance
Spiritbox is scheduled to perform at a number of major festivals across the US this year including:
Sep 25 – Louder Than Life Festival, Louisville, Kentucky
Oct 26 – 29 – Coheed & Cambria S.S. Neverender Cruise, Miami to Bahamas
Nov 11 – Welcome To Rockville Festival, Daytona Beach, Florida
It was also announced earlier this week, that they will be hitting the road with Underoath and Every Time I Die for the Voyeurist North American Tour in Feb-Mar 2022.
Head to Spiritbox.com for tickets & info.
Courtney LaPlante – Vocals
Mike Stringer – Guitar
Bill Crook – Bassist
Find Spiritbox Online:


Spiritbox // Eternal Blue // Album Review
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