Spirit Adrift // Forge Your Future // EP Review


Three tracks to make an impression, three tracks to turn your head and grab you attention, what can a band do in a three track EP? 

In the case of Spirit Adrift, praise the baby Jesus for the gift of Classic Heavy Metal! This is a gift from the gods themselves like a light from above shining down on us mere mortals, drink from this chalice and you too shall have bad hair and smell of hippy oil! Yes please of Lord, give it to me! 

It may only be three tracks but you have a wealth of experience in these recordings that pay homage to the days gone by, classic metal albums that stokes the fires for so many and inspired spotty faced prepubescent kids to lift an axe, bass or bang those skins to the likes of Priest, Saxon, Metallica and more. 

It’s like stepping into that hot tub time machine, burning the balls off yourself and kinda liking it, ‘Forge Your Future’ is a slow burner that sets the tone with its darker tone but once you hit ‘Wake Up’ it’s party time, get those denim shorts on and hit that dance floor baby cos its time to get down! Blistering riffage fused with an addictive sing-along chorus gets the old hips shaking and putting the fear of God in the church-going folk of your neighbourhood, so crank it loud and proud and WAKE UP those neighbours!

The party doesn’t stop there ‘Invisible Enemy’ wraps up proceedings with another up-tempo cracker that slams its way through its gritty riffs and harmonising guitar work with a touch of old-school thrash subtly sneaking it, early Metallica and the likes as a nod of approval as the riffage intensifies and you have to come to terms that this is all gonna be over very soon, three tracks, why just three tracks, “what did we do wrong O’Lord, baby Jesus why have you forsaken us!!!” 

“We are not worthy!!”

Needless to say, Rock ‘N’ Load approves this message, it may only be three tracks but they are three tracks you need in your life. 

Forge Your Future will be available August 27th from Century Media on vinyl and digital formats; pre-orders are available here.  See Spirit Adrift play select shows in October and look for more news and music to come soon.

Forge Your Future, track listing:

  1.  Forge Your Future
  2.  Wake Up
  3. Invisible Enemy

Forge Your Future, cover art:






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Spirit Adrift // Forge Your Future // EP Review
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