Spirit Adrift // Enlightened In Eternity // Album Review
Spirit Adrift // Enlightened In Eternity // Album Review 9
Spirit Adrift // Enlightened In Eternity // Album Review 9
Spirit Adrift // Enlightened In Eternity // Album Review 9
Spirit Adrift // Enlightened In Eternity // Album Review 9
Spirit Adrift // Enlightened In Eternity // Album Review 9
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On the 16th of October Spirit Adrift will release their fourth studio album in five years and it will cement their status as one of the best bands around at the moment. You may look at the tracklist and think “it only has eight tracks, they must be hard pushed for ideas”, well you couldn’t be more wrong, each track is epic from the first note to the last. “Ride Into The Light” kicks things off with a shout out to AC/DC in the opening salvo before it drops into a heavy riff and drum beat with a really high tempo, the guitar work is second to none with a nice not to flashy solo at the end of the track. “Astral Levitation” is a real throwback that screams Priest, again the drums power the track while the bass gives a massive punch with the guitars meandering along until the midpoint where the mastery of Nate’s playing comes to the fore and he takes it up a notch with some serious shredding and Maidenesque riffs thrown in for good measure alongside a little Megadeth “Hangar 18”, a brilliant track. “Cosmic Conquest” opens with a killer bass line that feeds into a cool riff with a nice drum beat rolling in behind it before Nate snarls into life creating a true rock’n’roll track of pure class, as the track progresses the guitar get more and more intense culminating in a savage solo with shades of Priest and Lizzy.

“Screaming From Beyond” opens like “Hells Bells” with a heavy riff and pounding drums, the guitar and drums play nicely off one and other throughout with a thick bass to tie it all together particularly when Nate throws out a nice technical solo, another cracking track. “Harmony Of The Spheres” kicks the tempo up a notch with Bryant again bringing the thunder with some manic drumming before he settles into a nice groove as the guitar spits out riffs like nobody’s business with Nate giving it socks on the vocals while the bass buzzes away nicely in the background. “Stronger Than Your Pain” opens with a slower dragged out beat with chugging riffs before it explodes into a bass-driven monster with Nate snarling his way through the track that is interspersed with a funky drum beat and riffs which make for a killer track. The closer is an epic of massive proportions, “Reunited In The Void”, it is a heavy slow track that gives a massive nod to the doom roots of the band and over the ten minutes plus you get it all, hauntingly sung lyrics, over emphasized bass lines and drum beats and reverb for days, the strangest thing on this track is country style steel guitar outro for the final four minutes, that ends with a brilliant solo, which should feel so out of place on this album but it doesn’t and you will not even question it, pure magic  

This album is a massive nostalgic beast with throwbacks to the heady days of the ’70s and ’80s, considering that Nate plays everything bar the drums it makes it even better, while the drumming of Marcus Bryant is some next-level stuff.

Enlightened In Eternity is available Oct 16th Via Century Media Records.




01. Ride Into The Light
02. Astral Levitation
03. Cosmic Conquest
04. Screaming From Beyond
05. Harmony Of The Spheres
06. Battle High
07. Stronger Than Your Pain
08. Reunited In The Void



Spirit Adrift is

Nate Garrett Guitar, bass, piano

Marcus Bryant Drums






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