Spire // Temple of Khronos // Album Review


Combining Black Metal with futuristic themes, Spore return with their second full length album whereby the band that hail from Brisbane, Australia, continue to express their extreme music in a horror laced and psychologically testing dark way.

Being invited into such a disturbing and unconventional world is something that needs to be approached with an open mind and the willingness to allow yourself be sucked into this alternate universe to fully appreciate the raw and atmospheric wonders that Spire have on display here.

Following the intro ‘Chronometer’ that begins to transport you away to the darkness with a hypnotising portal, the drums begin to warm up and the powerful guitar tones are joined by a gravelly narration that the notes from the guitars then seem to bend around in flashes of light as the we travel further into the bleak unknown and by the time we get to ‘Hymn II – Tormentor’ the Black metal aspect is truly engaged in all of it cinematic glory. You can almost see the music that Spire have created as this unusual combination of themes with Black Metal really takes shape.

By this point the music is truly in the Black Metal arena and the vocal merges between a traditional style and a more intergalactic narration, but high work perfectly and allow you to be immersed in this experience that takes over as soon as you open your mind.

It is rare to find an album that is so much more than just music and even rarer to find Black Metal that ventures as wide as Spire do so to be in a position whereby both happen at the same time and work so brilliantly is not only refreshing but also extremely enjoyable.

The fact that Spire do not stick to the ‘rules’ of Black Metal allows them to express in ways that traditional offerings of the genre would never dream of. However, this by no means detracts from how dark and bleak the album is with this sound of hopelessness in the deep unknown and in some ways allows them to express this even more.

Temple of Khronos is a stunning offering of Dark Metal that just screams for you to sit in a dark room, close your eyes and play the album as you prepare for this 39-minute soundtrack like nothing else. Please give this album a listen.


Ed Ford


Temple of Khronas is released February 19th via Sentient Ruin Laboratories.



Track list

  1. Chronometer
  2. Hymn I – Tyrant
  3. Hymn II – Tormentor
  4. Hymn III – Harbinger
  5. Interlude – Antithesis
  6. Hymn IV – Puissant
  7. Hymn V – Khronos







Spire // Temple of Khronos // Album Review
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