Spikerot Records release label sampler!
‘Of Noises And Bruises’ Vol.1 out now



Of Noises And Bruises Vol.1” is Spikerot Records‘ first Label Sampler, a compilation consisting of 13 tracks revisiting the first two years of the label’s activity.
From Doom to Grindcore (and everything in between) there are no boundaries within Spikerot Records and never will be.The compilation includes Extreme Underground Metal maniacs Birdflesh, Devangelic and Guineapig as well as Haemorrhage members’ side project “Depopulation Department”, some of the best Heavy Italian acts like Naga, Zippo, Sedna, Hobos and Isaak and more great tunes!

Of Noises And Bruises Vol.1” is a “Name Your Price” album, this means that you can download it for free and enjoy some great music, or you can support the label’s activity with a small donation. In both cases, Spikerot Records are always grateful to the fans, supporters and to anyone who enjoys the great artists they have the pleasure to work with.


If you want to support the underground, the sampler is now available for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp and Spotify

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