Nina Las Vegas calls him “one of the hardest working DJ’s going around”. Nest HQ describe his sound as “swimming somewhere around the sounds of folks like Major Lazer and DJ Snake”. Spenda C remains as one of the most in demand bass artists in the country.

Today, the brisbane based artist releases his debut monster of an album ‘Bone Collector’ – a 10 track journey through the annals of bass and hip hop fusions. “The concept behind the Bone Collector project was to approach it the way a rapper would approach making a mixtape… Were as a rapper collects a bunch of beats and then raps over them I wanted to flip that idea and collect a bunch of vocals from some of my favourite artists and build the songs around them.” says Spenda on the release.

The record includes features from some of the brightest hip hop artists from around the country including Carmouflage Rose, Midas.Gold, Miss Blanks, Cult Shotta, Big Skeez and a whole lot more.

“For me collaboration is an exercise in trust. Most of the original beats I sent out were really just bare bones and have evolved so much from the early demos into the songs they are now. I’m really proud of this project and super thankful to all the amazing artists who believed in the vision.”Laments Spenda on his collaborators.

Along with the release of the album, Spenda will be heading out on a massive tour covering Australia and New Zealand, he will be upgrading his usual set up to include live elements to help translate the intricacies of the ‘Bone Collector’ project.


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