Sow Discord // Quiet Earth // Album Review


“Quiet Earth” is a hellish landscape of pain, torture & self-destruction.

David Coen is a prolific artist, working with The Body, My Disco, No Statik and RAKTA for remixes. Sow Discord is his true art & with it, comes his first full album.

From the start, “Quiet Earth” isn’t for the faint-hearted. Even for myself, a long time drone, noise & industrial fan, this is harsh, and I love it.

“When It Has Finally Come To Pass” tears the album open, using an electro-acoustic sounding guitar, with pulsing bass drums & painful spoken words over the track. This cleverly introduces us to the wall of sound the next 45 minutes will be.

Melding the bastard children of Godflesh, Author & Punisher & Coil, this debut is a true journey through the industrial & noise spectrum.

Helping craft this hellscape is Ethan McCarthy of Primitive Ma, Chip King and Lee Buford of The Body & featuring guitars by Ben Andrews of My Disco / Agents Of Abhorrence.

All these artists add texture & layers to this album that create an overwhelming sense of dread within the listener.

“Watching From The Centre Feat Many Blessings” is pure chaos. An underlying drone & pulse of noise, a shrill & sometimes un-audible spoken track that just evokes unrelenting sorrow.

The next track “Desalination” starts with a higher tempo drum machine beat but quickly switches into a head smashing-into-the-wall thudding drum. Throughout the track, crashes of sounds blister your ears & destroy your senses.

The last two tracks, “Functionally Extinct” & “The World Looks On With Pity And Scorn” are the best but also most punishing on the album.

“Functionally Extinct” uses a droning background noise that, during the track, slowly ramps up until a climax that pays off so perfectly. “The World Looks On With Pity And Scorn” encompasses the electro-acoustic sound that David Coen likes to use with Sow Discord, a driving sound through the track which feels more upbeat but slowly descends into a flurry of pulsing distortion & cavernous kick drums.

“Quiet Earth” isn’t just an album of noise, it’s a perfectly crafted soundtrack of your downward spiral into oblivion.

Review: Joseph Mitchell

Quiet Earth is out via Tartarus Records on 26th February 2021


1.When It Has Finally Come To Pass


3.Everything Has Been Exhausted

4.Watching From The Centre Feat Many Blessings


6.An Eroded Fortune (Feat The Body)

7.Functionally Extinct

8.The World Looks On With Pity And Scorn

Sow Discord // Quiet Earth // Album Review
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