South Of Salem // The Sinner Takes It All // Album Review

South Of Salem may well be a relatively new band on the scene but don’t let that fool you in the slightest and their debut album is a testament to that, a hard rock album with some serious power. “Let Us Prey” starts things off with a kicking beat and twin guitars going back and forth as Joey Draper slays it on vocals, a cracking opener. “The Hate In Me” much like the previous track has a rhythm that just enthralls, with a seriously catchy chorus and a great solo, a really strong track. “No Plague Like Home” blasts off at a million miles an hour with a pounding drum beat, that never lets up, and a ripper solo, heavy chugging riffs, and bass drive the track big time as Draper turns in a stellar vocal performance full of grit and power, a tasty little solo thrown in adds to an already brilliant track. “Pretty Little Nightmare” is a slower track with a cool bass line running throughout, full of hooks this track is so infectious that you will struggle to get it out of your head, on an album full of hits this is one that stands out, it is the total package with the drums, guitars, bass and vocals all on point.

“Made To Be Mine” is an angrier, grittier track than anything previously on the album with a thick bass and drum beat while the guitars lay it on with chugging riffs. “Cold Day In Hell” points to all that is right with this band, a driving drum beat and bass power this track as the guitars rip it up and a chorus that is catchy as fuck make this a top track. “Demons Are Forever” with its slow drum beat and powerful bass gives this track a sinister feel added to that the eerie harmonies running throughout in the background that will give you chills, the guitars again are excellent and the solo is outstanding, another crushing track. “Another Nail In My Coffin” brings the tempo back up with full-on drums and riffs out the door, with Draper killing it vocally. “Severely Yours” is packed with thick riffs and an infectious beat that will have you banging your head from start to finish. Closing track “Dead Hearts Don’t Break” is a banger, using all the momentum from the preceding tracks they keep it full throttle right to the end with chugging riffs, a blasting drum beat, and cool buzzing bass all the while Draper runs the range on vocals.

For a band releasing their first album, the have an uncanny knack of creating hit after hit, this is an absolute must-have album




“The Sinner Takes It All” is out 25th September


South Of Salem are:

Joey Vocals

Fish Guitar



Pip Drums

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