South Coast, NSW Australian punk act 2mums have just released their new single ‘Windows 98’ via Riot Records

South Coast, NSW Australian punk act 2mums have just released their new single ‘Windows 98’ via Riot Records‘Windows 98’ is the follow up to recent single ‘Policeman’.

‘Windows 98’ is a fuzzed out, distorted slab of punk noise!
‘Windows 98’ was a game changer – suddenly we had the world at our fingers, everything on demand and nothing off limits – we loved it. Those nostalgic moments of anticipation as we installed, started up and then pressed ENTER’’.  – 2mums

Listen/Buy ‘Windows 98’  HERE


2mums were formed in 2017 when a bunch of local potato farmers from the backwaters of the far South Coast of NSW joined forces to voice concerns over the influx of jar drinking hipsters, Yogies, Christian rock groups, retired public servants, eco-friendly vegans and social media influencers moving into the local area.

This worrying demographic shift prompted a musical response as an outlet for built up frustration and resentment to boil over. The spud farmers were being pushed further out as their lands were being replaced by eco retreats and vegan pie shops. With the farmers throughout the area disappearing off into the landscape, music became the medium for a chosen few spudding activists still remaining.

2mums has led the charge; their music is, as you would expect, pure punk rock.