South African Purveyors Of Brutal Death Metal Vulvodynia Talk The Cluster F**K That Is 2020 With Rock ‘N’ Load

  1. Vocalist Duncan Bentley Caught Up With Us Here At Rock ‘N’ Load World HQ, So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about Vulvodynia and how you ended up here.Vulvodynia started out as a two-man online studio project back in early 2014 with the main goal of making the most disgusting music possible. After our first three releases (2014 -2015) we began to gain immense popularity in the US and European market for being one of the only African bands creating this style of extreme metal. The show offers started rolling in and we decided to gather some of South Africas best musicians to join us. We then released Psychosadistic Design in 2016 and went on a successful three year touring cycle through Europe, UK, Africa, US & Australia before releasing our latest album ‘Mob Justice’ last year.
  2. 2. How was your lockdown experience? Did you find the time out of touring etc an opportunity to catch your breath or use it to produce new material?We had been touring nonstop for the past 3 years and it was nice to stop for a moment and actually plan our next step. We’ve all been extremely productive throughout lockdown and we’ve got tons of new material being written every day for Vulvodynia and our many side projects! We currently have a split album in the works with one of the bands that inspired our sound as well as a brand new full-length album so we’re beyond excited to show everyone what we’ve been cooking up!
  3. 3. Were you guys directly affected by the Covid-19 shutdown – did you have tours cancelled or music releases set back at all during this time?Just before the epidemic hit we had just finished up a tour through Africa and had a full US and Asia tour booked that inevitably got cancelled so we were all super sad that we had to announce the cancellation of those two tours after months of planning. We’ve never cancelled a tour before and it just really sucked reading all the disappointed messages from fans. We wanted to just go out there and risk whatever the virus had in store for us but our country ended up closing its borders and airports. Once the dust settled we decided its best to just push through it and stay as productive as possible.

    4. What is next for you as we take our 1st baby steps back to the new norm?

    Well, we’ve been keeping a close watch on the live music scene and we’ve told our booking agents that we want to tour as soon as possible! We actually have a tour through Europe booked for this December as well as some more shows in Asia for January. We’re holding thumbs that these tours don’t fall through and we’re one of the first bands back on tour swingin’ our hammers!

    Give Us A Hint Of The Bands Who Gave You Your Influences & Inspiration

This song by ‘Acrania’ was definitely one of the main songs that influenced us and our sound! This EP as well as Ingested’s debut album introduced us to a perfect blend of Deathcore and Slamming Brutal Death Metal. We took these ideas and created our sound, then coining the term ‘Slamming Deathcore’.



South African slam miscreants Vulvodynia are happy to announce that they will be touring the UK and Europe in December as support to UK death metal giants Ingested for their Where Only Gods May Tread tour. Completing what is set to be one of the most brutal lineups we’ve seen in ages is Vale of Pnath from the US and the UK’s Bound in Fear. 

“we can’t wait to finally be touring with Ingested, who are one of our main musical influences and reasons for starting the band”. Exclaims guitarist Luke Haarhoff. Bassist Chris van der Walt adds, “It’s an absolute honour to be touring on this package with great bands like Ingested, Vale of Pnath and Bound in Fear. This tour is gonna be 🔥!”

This will be Vulvodynia’s first international tour for the year after the covid-19 pandemic brought the worldwide live music industry to a standstill. This saw the band having to cancel their US tour with Waking the Cadaver and their Asian tour, which included Hammersonic festival with SlipknotTestamentLacuna Coil and some festival dates with Suicide Silence. 

“It’s going to great touring again. COVID-19 has caused a lot of cancellations for bands worldwide. It has left musicians and fans hungry for music.” Comments Chris van der Walt.


Tour Dates 

01.12 UK Birmingham @ Asylum 2 BUY TICKET

02.12 UK Newcastle @ Think Tank BUY TICKET 

03.12 UK Glasgow @ The Classic Grand BUY TICKET 

04.12 UK Leeds @ The Key Club BUY TICKET

05.12 UK Manchester @ Rebellion BUY TICKETS 

06.12 UK London @ The Underworld BUY TICKETS 

07.12 UK Bristol @ The Exchange BUY TICKETS

08.12 UK Southampton @ The Joiners BUY TICKETS 

09.12 Belgium Aarschot @ De Klinker Club BUY TICKETS 

10.12 Germany Oberhausen @ Helvete BUY TICKETS 

11.12 Germany Munich @ Feierwerk BUY TICKETS 

12.12 Austria Vienna @ Escape  BUY TICKETS 

13.12 Hungary Budapest @ Dürer Kert BUY TICKETS

14.12 Czech Republic Prague @ Nova Chmelnice BUY TICKETS 

15.12 Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia BUY TICKETS 

16.12 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang BUY TICKETS 

17.12 Germany Leipzig @ Bandhaus BUY TICKETS 

18.12 Germany Karlsruhe @ Die Stadtmitte BUY TICKETS  

🇨19.12 Switzerland Zurich @ Züri Gmätzlets Vol. II BUY TICKETS 

20.12 France Paris @ Gibus BUY TICKETS 


(Photographer – Claudine van der Walt)

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