Sounds Of Hell Presents: Psychisme “Le seuil des sensations” – OUT NOW

Band: Psychisme
Album: Le seuil  des sensations
cat.number: soh202105
barcode: 87183516573
Members : 
Alrinack : > lyrics, all voices, accoustic guitar
Nekros : > songwriting, all guitars, bass, artwork
Studio member : Naja Atra : : drums, sound engineering :
You should know Alrinack is very active as a musician in his different projects like Suicidal Madness, Sombre Croisade, Vils Serpents, Temple and others. Most of them take part of the Molasar’s Dream” collective. Nekros keeps on going forward with his one man band Kosmos. He also takes part in Suicidal Madness as a live bassist.

PSYCHISME is a new step for him to unfold another kind of songwriting. As you can hear PSYCHISME is mostly influenced by bands like Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Dark Tribe, Nightbringer.
Concept : Psychisme is the result of an instant jolt that leads a man to leave a trace of the intangible evil that takes possession of him everyday. These songs are the testimony of a such jolt.
This is a black metal unfolding tones that are part of a dualism going from total madness to more atmospheric parts. There is a thin line between horror and fascination in PSYCHISME’s songs.
Alrinack’s lyrics suit very well for Psychisme’s music as they talk about emmotional states in relation to anxiety and wrath crisis that are violent past trauma related.

Debut EP : “Le seuil des sensations” 

It is called “Le seuil des sensations” (Treshold of sensations). It lasts about 30 min. It is made of 5 tracks including an accoustic guitar outro. 

1 – Dé(s)phasé(s)
2 – Soubresauts
3 – Dé(s)phasé(s)
4 – Le Seuil des Sensations
5 – Neurasthénie (outro)

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