Soundgarden - Live At The Artists Den - Album Review
Soundgarden - Live At The Artists Den - Album Review 9
Soundgarden - Live At The Artists Den - Album Review 9
Soundgarden - Live At The Artists Den - Album Review 9
Soundgarden - Live At The Artists Den - Album Review 9
Soundgarden - Live At The Artists Den - Album Review 9
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Soundgarden Live At The Artists Den is a fitting and timely reminder of the magic that frontman Chris Cornell brought together along with this genre-bending and globally loved Rock band.

A career-spanning collection of their finest recordings with 29 nine songs amassing to a two and a half-hour set from their 2013 set recorded in L.A. you get a fully immersive, no holes barred performance that won over an army of fans worldwide and earned them a legendary status for many in their genre. Cornell is on point as always with his vocal display and the band bring their A-Game to a recording that sums up their career-defining sound in one show with Kim Thayil’s monstrous sounding guitars and the bass work of Ben Shepherd that reverberates through your floorboards.

It is still hard today to comprehend the loss of Cornell, the influence he had on future generations of musicians and the loss felt to the music world without this mesmerising frontman, I had the pleasure of capturing him live during his acoustic solo run and I can still remember the hairs standing on the band of my neck as his voice carried across the room, with Soundgarden he was a different beast and together they were gargantuan. Live At The Artists Den encapsulates every aspect of their live, raw and visceral performance that is so sadly missed today.

Artists Den in partnership with Polydor/UMC will release a selection of products for Soundgarden: Live from the Artists Den on July 26, 2019. The limited-edition Super Deluxe box will feature the complete 29-song concert film in 5.1 surround sound and stereo on Blu-ray, and more than 30 minutes of bonus interviews with the band, in addition to four black 180-gram audiophile LPs, 2CDs, a 40-page photo book, four-band member lithos, and replica artist all-access pass and ticket stub from the original show. Additional products scheduled for release include 4LP 180-gram audiophile black vinyl, limited edition 4LP colour vinyl (each disc will feature a unique combination of splattered colours), Blu-ray and2CD. A digital live album and digital live video.

Soundgarden Live From The Artists Den is available now via The Artists Den, Polydor/UMCTRACKLISTINGS

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