SOULSPLITTER – Salutogenesis
Released 18th October – Independent Release
FFO: Dream Theater, Haken, Opeth
Four musicians suspend the world in a dream-like state of philosophical contemplation, set to a hauntingly beautiful soundscape of deeply emotive and artistic progressive rock. Uniquely intense and undeniably grandiose, Germany’s Soulsplitter is pleased to present their debut studio album, ‘Salutogenesis’.
Formed by the culmination of Fenix Gayed (Drums), Simon Kramer (Guitars), Daniel Gräupner (Keys) and Felix Jacobs (Bass), Soulsplitter began writing “Salutogenesis” in 2016, eager to melt their musical backgrounds and influences into a new and original sound. Inspired to merge the progressive rock stylings of  the seventies with more modern Metal sounds, Jazz harmonies and the intricate classical compositions of the late romanticism, Soulsplitter’s bold and memorable sound evokes reminiscences of Haken, Dream Theater, Steven Wilson and Opeth – as well as Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake and Palmer or Queen.
The eight songs forming ‘Salutogenesis��� act like movements of a larger, overarching concept. Telling a tale of love, death, meaning and self-awareness, it was Soulsplitter’s intention from the start to focus exclusively on both the underlying concept as a whole and on each individual song as a self-contained piece, so as not to limit the creative process. The band acquired the support of over 50 individuals – guest vocalists, instrumentalists, producers, designers, painters, animators, photographers, filmmakers – to create a truly unique and timeless masterpiece, stretching far beyond that which many modern musicians are known for producing.
“The creation of ‘Salutogenesis’ is something I’ve dreamt about throughout my whole teenage years,” says Soulsplitter drummer Fenix Gayed, offering insight into the creation of the band and their forthcoming album. “I wanted to found a band that crossed borders between genres, artforms and people – but I was lacking the skill to write it and the people to realize it with. Being a teenager at the time, there were musical skills I had yet to develop an emotional hardship I had yet to face…all of which would eventually contribute towards the concept, writing and delivery of this album.”
“It feels surreal that after years of hard work, both internally and externally, we are now standing at the brink of releasing our baby over to the public – and we couldn’t be more excited about it.”
Soulsplitter’s debut album ‘Salutogenesis’ was released on 18th October 2019.

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