Soulfly - Ritual - Album Review
Soulfly - Ritual - Album Review 10
Soulfly - Ritual - Album Review 10
Soulfly - Ritual - Album Review 10
Soulfly - Ritual - Album Review 10
Soulfly - Ritual - Album Review 10
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Max Cavalera’s merry tribe Soulfly releases its eleventh studio album Ritual on 19thOctober and it is an absolute beast, like a lion unleashed from a cage it tears you apart limb from limb. Ten insanely savage tracks that will blow your mind, a big return to form and quite possible the bands best album since Dark Ages back in 2005.

Max always has a penchant for going super heavy and fast and he has not let you down here but he has added a kind of groovy feel to some of the songs, ‘Dead Behind The Eyes’ being one of them, even though Randy Blythe guests and the vocals are as you would expect, there is a real funky beat and rhythm pulsing beneath the ferociousness. The lead track ‘Ritual’ is what you expect from Soulfly, a slow grind before it bursts into a fast paced and extremely intense track with some Brazilian chants thrown in for good measure.

The album has a real feel of getting back to the roots of what brought Max to the table in whatever incantation it has been, Sepultura, Nailbomb, Cavalera Conspiracy or Soulfly. Tracks like ‘The Summoning’ and ‘Evil Empowered’ are true testament to this in that they hammer your every sense with a sheer brutality that has quite frankly been missing from the last few albums and it is a welcome return.  ‘Demonized’ shows how the band can go from a slow almost angelic tune, to a grinding black metal fest in under a minute and it is a belter. ‘Blood On The Street’ and ‘Bite The Bullet’ continue in the same form with much the same result, bloody brilliant. ‘Feedback!’ comes across like a Motorhead track, full throttle in your face and something even the great Lemmy would enjoy singing. This would not be a Soulfly album if there was not a funky instrumental somewhere on it and it comes in the shape of ‘XI’, a funky kind of jazz infused soul track that is quite the polar opposite of what has just proceeded but and is always the case with Soulfly it fits in nicely and does not feel out of place.


Ritual is out 19th October and if you like anything that Max Cavalera has put his hand to, you will love this.




Soulfly is:

Max Cavalera                  Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Marc Rizzo                           Lead Guitar, Flamenco Guitar

Zyon Cavalera                  Drums

Mike Leon                           Bass

Randy Blythe                  guest vocals on “Dead Behind The Eyes”

Ross Dolan                           guest vocals on “Under Rapture”


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