Soulburn // NOA’S D’ARK // Album Review

Following the dissolution of Death Metallers Asphyx 1996, guitarist Eric Daniels, drummer Bob Bagchus and frontman Wannes Gubbels decided that from the ashes of one band, Soulburn would rise from the ashes and by 1998 debut album Feeding On Angels was scouring the earth and although the band has not been a full-time entity they have always been lurking under the surface.

By 2014 the band was back, with a slightly different lineup but the same core for the release of The Suffocating Darkness which was swiftly followed by Earthless Pagan Spirit two years later and then the 2018 EP Carpe Noctem which was the catalyst for another line-up change.

Now the fourth album is about to hit and the Dutch band is not here to fuck about as they look to continue with their stripped back, Old School Black Metal that hails back to the feelings that bands such as Bathory gave off.

As soon as the album starts the sinisterly slow pace begins and the Doom laden sound transports you to a place of darkness as the guitars create steady and simple riffs are met with devastating drums and a constant hypnotic drone that is topped off with an abrasively sickening vocal. With the opening track swelling to over 7 minutes, the feeling of a dark and dingey impending doom really hits home along with just how special this album may well be.

As the album progresses, that feeling of immediate horror gets worse and the music really takes its hold, shrouding everything in its black veil and working its way into your brain and starting to infect your central nervous system. By the end of the over 47minute offering, you will be totally under the spell that has been recorded by Soulburn and will find yourself reaching for the play button again.

NOA’S D’ARK has managed to create an album that not only sounds huge but also feels massive as you listen to it. It is simple but extremely effective at the slower pace allowing for the brain to take in and start to absorb it whilst the songs progress and once the album starts to take its hold, there is no escape.

This is one of my favorite Black Metal albums of the year and excited me as soon as the album started something that is very rare. Soulburn has created something that stands above the rest and should be celebrated for just how much of an impressive album this is and may well be an important album for the future of Black Metal.

Ed Ford


NOA’S D’ARK is released Friday 13th November 2020 via Century Media.



1. The Morgue of Hope (07:17) 

2. Noah’s Dark (03:57) 

3. Tempter ov the White Light (05:30) 

4. Anarchrist (05:57) 

5. Shrines of Apathy (04:34) 

6. Assailed by Cosmic Lightning (03:18) 

7. Triumphant One (02:15) 

8. Anointed – Blessed – and Born for Burning (03:47) 

9. The Godless I (05:03) 

10. From Archaeon into Oblivion (05:46)


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