SORCIA’s Debut Full-Length of Pacific Northwest Sludge

SORCIA’s Debut Full-Length of Pacific Northwest Sludge
SORCIA hails from the Snoqualmie Valley in the Eastern outskirts of Seattle, Washington. After solidifying their lineup in 2018, SORCIA hit the ground running, releasing a two-song demo in January 2019. Combining blues-laden groovy riffs into the raw heaviness of doom metal with the added dynamic of dual vocals, they deliver their own method of Pacific Northwest heavy stoner sludge metal.

SORCIA entered Witch Ape Studio with Tad Doyle (Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, TAD) in June of 2019, to begin recording their debut full-length album; and completing the album with Jack Endino (High On Fire, Windhand, Nirvana) at the mastering helm.

Tad Doyle had this to say: “Sorcia is focused and has a vision of what they want to convey in their music which comes across with depth and power.”

So says SORCIA regarding their new album:
“Tad Doyle was an absolute pleasure to work with and did an incredible job capturing the essence of our sound. He gave us confidence and had a true understanding of our vision that was key in the bringing that vision to life. and it exceeded all our expectations. Having the legendary Jack Endino at the mastering helm was a complete honor and he did a fantastic job putting on the final touch. The creation of this album has been a long time coming and we are very proud and excited to finally share it. It is our tribute to the genre that inspired us and it embodies the sound we love.”

The debut full-length album ‘Sorcia is available now, with stunning cover art from Mike Hawkins. The album is out on CD, digital download, and streaming on most major outlets.

“…the meld of influences they play toward, whether native to their own Pacific Northwestern home or not, can already heard being consciously brought into their own context via craft, performance… Being concrete-slab heavy doesn’t hurt either, and Sorcia most definitely is that.” – The Obelisk

“Overall, Sorcia debut album is one that demands respect from whoever listens to this album. Do yourself a favour and get yourself acquainted with this great band. You won’t be sorry…” – Outlaws From The Sun

“This trio puts the “heavy” into their music with generous head-crushing dollops of sludge, grunge, stoner, and metal. Oh, let’s not pass over the tons of doom and blues. Too many tags? Not when it’s this good.” – Fuzzy Cracklins

“…lava-gargling vocals pushing the bulldozing sonic ordeal into the blood-red, this is stoner rock that makes you feel bo(u)lder.” – The Stranger

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