Sons of Liberty // The Comancheros // Nightrain Bradford // Live Review

There are storms brewing all over the UK but tonight we’re taking refuge inside for a night of southern rock. It’s the second date on their co-headlining tour and both The Comancheros and Sons of Liberty are here to make some noise!

First up are Sons Of Liberty who are homegrown in the UK but have a true understanding of what Southern rock is. Having released their sophomore album last June, the band have honed in on their signature sound which is even better live than on the album. As the lights hit the stage there is a cry of “Yeah” from the back of the stage before frontman Rob Cooksley emerges from behind the drum kit to take his place at the front. This is a band with flair as they are adorned in scarves and feathers however it’s Crooksley’s staff that is really something else. It’s not just their style that has flair but their performance too as Fred Hale and Moose make a killer duo on guitar strutting their stuff on the stage. This is topped off with the crowd interaction as they get the crowd singing along with “Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief” early on in the night. The whole setlist covers a good mix of both albums and their early single EPs. From start to finish Sons of Liberty are bursting with great energy and are buckets of fun to watch live.

Taking over next are American rockers The Comancheros. Their southern rock sound has been making waves the past couple of years and this particular style of music is becoming increasingly popular over here in the UK. Before the lights rise on the stage tonight, the band gathers to sing around the drum set without their instruments and this provides a very brotherhood vibe. Once the lights hit, the band then storms through their set including classics such as “We Own The Night” and their latest single “Old Mexico”. There are even a few covers thrown in the mix with “The Boys are Back in Town” and “Freebird”. With their long hair, beards and cowboy boots there is no denying these are country boys through and through. However, the whole band has a cheeky side too which just makes them even more entertaining yet relatable. While Sons of Liberty have flair, these guys have more of a raw feel with their performance and you can’t help but tap your foot along and be swept away in the southern blues with them.

While The Comancheros are only playing 3 UK shows, you can catch Sons Of Liberty as they tour across the country throughout the year. If you get the chance you don’t want to miss seeing these guys!

Review Emmie Ellis
Photos Mark Ellis

Venue Nightrain Bradford

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