Sonny Landreth // Blacktop Run // Album Review
Sonny Landreth // Blacktop Run // Album Review9
Sonny Landreth // Blacktop Run // Album Review9
Sonny Landreth // Blacktop Run // Album Review9
Sonny Landreth // Blacktop Run // Album Review9
Sonny Landreth // Blacktop Run // Album Review9
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Sonny Landreth returns with a follow-up Blacktop Run to his highly regarded and Grammy-nominated 2017 release Recorded Live In Lafayette.

Landreth has been highly regarded as one of the finest slide guitarists in the games for many a year now, I’ve lost track of the number of times I have seen his work at the likes of Eric Clapton’s ‘Crossroads Festival’ and the likes. An artist who feels like he has been around forever but mostly down to the fact that he is in such demand and regard throughout the Blues community and beyond. 

Like many six-string-slingers Sonny has his own unique voice on the guitar that separates him from the chasing pack, immediately identifiable with his signature sound, touch and technique his playing is mind-blowing and so effortless it seems as it flows across ten beautifully composed tracks. From soft interwoven acoustic tracks to bluesy-shuffles and edgy rock-laden numbers Landreth takes you as a listener on a journey as he taunts and teases you with his musicality. 

Fused between the ten tracks are four tasty instruments that showcase his animalistic quality as a gritty bluesman, as he makes the guitar, sing, scream and squeals with delight under his sublime finger work. Producer RS Field – who helmed Landreth’s trio of breakout albums – joined the six-stringer and co-producer Tony Daigle to finish the record. “His brilliance and creative energy recharged us,” Landreth said of reuniting with Field. Most of the tracks were recorded live at famed Dockside Studios on the Vermilion River south of Lafayette, LA. “We came up with new and better ideas, and that’s what you want,” he added. “It couldn’t have gone better.”

After two Grammy nominations, multiple appearances at Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival and wide-ranging acclaim from fellow players and fans worldwide, Landreth is looking forward to playing the new material live. “It’s all about telling the story,” Landreth says, “and as long as I can find my way up that path, I’m all in.” As the songwriter’s narrator sings in the title number of Blacktop Run, “A new day is dawning and I have never felt so alive.”

Blacktop Run is yet another beautifully poised Blues album hitting the streets in 2020 which is already shaping up as a first-class quality year for the Blues. Landreth’s work here is no exception, sublime at times, inspirational at others you can’t help but get fully immersed by what he has laid down here across ten quality tracks. Delicately delivered, perfectly packaged, Blacktop Run is yet another gem to add to the Sonny Landreth collection. 


Sonny Landreth’s New Album: Blacktop Run is  Released: 21 February 2020

Via Provogue/Mascot Label Group


Track Listing

1. Blacktop Run

2. Lover Dance With me

3. Mule

4. Groovy Goddess

5. Somebody Gotta Make A Move

6. Beyond Borders

7. Don’t Ask Me

8. The Wilds Of Wonder

9. Many Worlds

10. Something Grand

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