‘songs i didn’t really want to write’ new release from Ewy

‘songs i didn’t really want to write’

out now folk-punk/midwest-emo

ewy is set to release ‘songs i didn’t really want to write’, their third EP on september 8, 2021. Inspired by mutual love broken apart by distance and circumstance, ‘songs i didn’t really want to write’ deals with understanding that those you love the most can cause the greatest hurt, as well as realising that some things are never meant to be. With anti-capitalist sentiments sprinkled throughout, the five track EP also centres on not letting the idea of someone control who you are.


  • –  i wish that i was the modern day guy fawkes
  • –  drip drip drip fall
  • –  stay away stay away
  • –  mind, initially
  • –  it was never meant to be

    Originating from North Yorkshire, ewy (Ewan MacKinnon) is a solo artist inspired by midwest emo, folk-punk and more recently, internet-core genres. Beginning their musical career in October 2018 after deciding to release ‘a compilation of songs I wrote late at night’ – a self-noted ‘pretty terrible EP, ewy was initially inspired by Kurt Cobain’s demo tape recordings and his process in writing songs. Moving forward three years, Ewy now aims to create music to give a voice to those who can’t put how they feel into words, drawing influence from Jeff Rosenstock, Penelope Scott, The Microphones and Modern Baseball.

    Copies of the EP will be available to stream via all major streaming platforms. TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | SPOTIFY | TIKTOK

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