Sólstafir // Endless Twilight of Codependent Love // Album Review

The Atmospheric Icelandic Metal four-piece have never felt the need to follow trends or play by the rules as they have recorded albums in both their native tongue and also in English and using the vocal as an additional instrument, Sólstafir is definitely the total immersive experience as they are happy to follow wherever the music flows naturally.

Drawing on their influences that range between Darkthrone, Kraftwerk, and Billy Corgan, this open book of music just shows the very nature of a band that are comfortable with wherever the music leads and the fact that they will not stick to the pigeon holes that shackle so many other bands.

As this album opens up, the vocal is in the home language and the music is a very melodic and labored sound before the guitars really kick in and the feeling of the Black Metal influence arrives. These sounds continue to flow into each other as we are introduced to grooves and a feeling of angst, that even though I cannot understand the lyric, is expressed perfectly.

 As the album progresses, the rules continue to be completely ignored as we experience classical instruments, tracks that range from just under five minutes to over 10 minutes and the fact that this album has so many aspects and influences really give an entire range of emotions that you feel you share with Sólstafir even if the lyrics are not understood.

The diversity is certainly something to be experienced and embraced as we are shown that music should not be restrained by rules or genres. This organic offering by the Icelandic’s feels fresh and new and something that has taken on its own being as it breathes into life and expresses its feelings and thoughts in a way rarely experienced. 

Endless Twilight of Codependent Love is beautiful yet harsh and blends sounds, instruments and feelings in a stunning way that has to be heard to be believed. If will appeal to such a wide range of people and when those people press play with an open mind they will be transported to a rewarding and incredible world that is worth visiting repeatedly.

Ed Ford


Endless Twilight of Codependent Love is released Friday 6th November 2020 via Season of Mist.


1. Akkeri (10:10)
2. Drýsill (08:52)
3. Rökkur (07:06)
4. Her Fall From Grace (06:36)
5. Dionysus (05:31)
6. Til Moldar (04:29)
7. Alda Syndanna (04:30)
8. Or (06:58)
9. Úlfur (08:49)



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