Finland’s epic, symphonic metal act SOLAMNIA is now offering a free download of their new single “More Than Life” from the forthcoming full-length album, “BEYOND.”

Click the button below the video teaser to download supurb, epic symphonic metal!!
“More Than Life” – SOLAMNIA (Fin)
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Welcome to the epic and magical realm of Solamnia.  The mastermind behind the project is Mika Lumijarvi; creator and composer.

Solamnia combines strong emotions in powerful epic cinematic music and maintains the qualities of symphonic, black, folk and death metal.  Every song has a strong fantasy tale and every story is told through expressive, progressive metal music.

Solamnia is also a collective of many talented musicians and artists who together weave tales of heroes, monsters, demons and fantasy worlds only in the way that Solamnia can!

Solamnia’s first full-length album, “The Legend Saga” was released in fall, 2016.  However, their most epic endeavor yet, “Beyond” will be released very soon.

Click HERE For SOLAMNIA’s “Fathers Of Misery” Single FREE
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