Sodom // Genesis XIX // Album Review

The 27th of November heralds the release of Sodom’s sixteenth album on a career spanning forty years. Never a band for the faint-hearted this album proves no different, twelve tracks born of hell and you will love every minute of it.

Ever-present Tom Angelripper is joined by returning member Frank “Blackfire” Gosdzik on lead guitar, Yorck Segatz on rhythm, and Toni Merkel on the drums and they combine to give you one of the best thrash metal albums of the year. Opening salvo “Blind Superstition” is a message of intent, a heavy instrumental intro that paves the way for the blistering “Sodom & Gomorrah”, a relentless thrasher that will have you headbanging like a lunatic as you get pummelled by the drums and guitars that will leave you lying on the floor. If you thought the previous track was hard then “Euthanasia” will absolutely slaughter you, Merkel’s drumming is if the charts as the guitars rip it up all the while Angelripper spits out the lyrics as only he can. Title track “Genesis XIX” is a savage track packed with pounding drums, chugging riffs, and a rumbling bass with Angelripper snarling and growling his way throughout, one of the best tracks on the album, and at seven minutes plus you hardly feel it go by.

“Nicht Mehr Mein Land” chugs into life with some seriously heavy guitars and drums that persist throughout and give the track a real menacing feel, a heavy hitter, and a great track sung in German. “Glock’n’Roll” on the other hand is the polar opposite played at a furious pace mixed with a heavy riff, pounding drums, and a buzzing bass line. “The Harpooneer” opens with heavy bass and guitar that runs with a slow drum beat before exploding into life with a groovy beat that Angelripper growls over, the track goes up and down like a rollercoaster between breakneck speed and doom, another classic. “Dehumanized” like “The Harpooneer” opens with a slow chugging beat that is quickly thrown aside as it breaks down into an all-out thrasher, killer riffs, blistering drums, and a nod to Slayer in the guitar work, an absolute cracker. “Occult Perpetrator” slowly builds to a cool funky riff with blasting drums and a heavy bass line that helps to drive the track alongside Angelrippers cutting vocals. “Waldo & Pigpen” is a killer track with a serious focus on a heavy grinding beat that breaks into a frenetic pace midway through as the guitars and drums going at it full tilt as the bass rumbles underneath, a great track. “Indoctrination” opens with a thick bass line that leads to a punky/crossover style track, with a hint of Kreator, it never lets up with and a funky riff running throughout gives it a nice little kick. “Friendly Fire” closes out the album on a massive high, ripping from the start, a fast-paced speedster that will blow you away, packed with killer riffs, pounding drum and bass while Angelripper screams his way to the finish.

“Genesis XIX” is out on 27th November on Steamhammer/SPV, a fine return to form for one of the biggest German thrash bands of all time.


Review: Conor


Sodom // Genesis XIX

Format:                  – CD Digipak + poster
                              – 2 LP Gatefold with printed inner sleeves, 140 g, black vinyl
– Boxset incl. Digi CD, excl. splatter LP, poster, sticker, mask, patch, flag, hand-signed photo card, slipmat, etc. Only for Europe and limited to 2.000 units!


01.Blind Superstition 1:02
02. Sodom & Gomorrah 4:06
03. Euthanasia 3:54
04. Genesis XIX 7:09
05. Nicht Mehr Mein Land 4:29
06. Glock N‘ Roll 5:02
07. The Harponeer 7:10
08. Dehumanized 3:53
09. Occult Perpetrator 4:53
10. Waldo & Pigpen 6:26
11. Indoctrination 3:10
12. Friendly Fire 3:36


Sodom are:

Tom Angelripper                            Bass and Vocals

Frank “Blackfire” Gosdzik            Lead Guitar

Yorck Segatz                                    Rhythm Guitar

Toni Merkel                                     Drums

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