21-track statement surveys the doom/sludge underground with music from DEAD WITCHESHIGH REEPERDOMKRAFT,MEPHISTOFELES, FORMING THE VOID and many more.

Weedian Volume 1 is available at this location via Blues Funeral Recordings

A go-to resource on Facebook and Instagram where many have gotten their news and discovered new bands in the stoner/doom/heavy psych ecospheres for years, social media influencer account WEEDIAN has taken the plunge in launching a branded compilation series.

WEEDIAN VOLUME 1 is a curated 21-song experience that highlights current notables and favorite up-and-comers from around the world, hand-selected by the account’s creator.

“Weedian was started because I love music and most especially underground music,” he explains.  “I wanted a way to be able to find and share cool bands with people who had the same taste in music that I do.  So after a lot of thinking and some talking, I’ve decided to make a compilation of songs from some of my favorite bands who I’ve been digging a lot lately. Although it’s pretty heavily tilted towards doom, there are some stoner and other styles of bands in there. I hope everyone enjoys the music and the sick artwork by Brouemaster, who has been churning out some incredible stuff lately.”

The WEEDIAN VOLUME 1 compilation arrives on Wednesday, February 27th via Blues Funeral Recordings.  With a low price point and a deep track list, the goal is to facilitate discovery among those already inclined toward the music and content WEEDIAN promotes

Full Track List:
1.  1782 – She Was A Witch
2.  Mephistofeles – Werewolf’s Boogie
3.  Deathbell – Emerald Eyes Shine
4.  Magmakammer – Fat Saturn
5.  SIXES – Methistopheles
6.  Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean – And Every Sword Unsheathed
7.  Domkraft – Flood
8.  Plague of Carcosa – Rats in the Walls
9.  Dead Witches – Fear The Priest
10.  High Reeper – Eternal Leviathan
11.  Devil’s Witches feat. Gabriel Ravera (Mephistofeles) – Magic Wand
12.  Begotten – Levitator ADX
13.  Dumblegore – My Zombie Girlfriend
14.  Forming The Void – On We Sail
15.  BlackLab – Warm Death
16.  Megawitch – Funeral High
17.  Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree – Grandmother
18.  Marécages – Nauséabong
19.  Saint Karloff – Dark Sun
20.  Potion – Women of the Wand
21.  WARLUNG – Between the Dark and the Light

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