So Long Until The Seance (S.L.U.T.S) // The Mourning After // Album Review

Up for review is a debut album I’ve been looking forward to hearing for a while now. So Long Until The Seance, affectionately known to their fans under the acronym of S.L.U.T.S. are a band that I have seen live on a number of occasions. I always found them and their campy horror-inspired rock a lot of fun when seeing them in a live setting and was very curious to see how well that would translate to the non-life, chilling with the headphones on, or cranked up on your car stereo scenario.

The band, in the past, has released two E.P’s, 2016’s “Seducing The Dead”, followed by 2017’s “Vulgar Myiasis” and now, in 2020 we see the first full length release from the guys with “The Mourning After”.

The album features seven tracks, six originals, and one cover and weighs in at a little over thirty-two minutes. To be honest, with the running time and amount of tracks featured on the album you can’t help but feel that this is more of an extended EP or a mini-album, more than a full-length album. This is a minor gripe though, as I personally have albums in my collection with the usual ten tracks featured on them, but with a similar running time to this.

The music contained within it is what’s important and it certainly does not disappoint. The band’s mix of campy horror shock rock translates really well to the album, or digital format depending on your preference and is just as much fun having it cranked up at home or in the car as it is to seeing and hearing the guys perform them live.

You can’t help yourself from hearing inspiration from the likes of The Misfits and Wednesday 13 throughout the album, but that’s not a bad thing as the band pulls off what they do really well.

“Spider To The Fly” and “Jekyll And Hyde” are some of the real high points in this release, but for me, the real highlight of the album is the cover of the Tiffany hit “I Think We’re Alone Now”. Yes, that Tiffany and yes, that “I Think We’re Alone Now”. You can’t help yourself but turn this one all the way up in your car and sing along at the top of your lungs with the windows rolled down. By the way, this does get you some strange looks from passersby and I am speaking from personal experience.

All in all, this is a fun little album and one that will get many a play on my stereo.


Review: David Stewart


1) Spider To The Fly
2) The Shadow You Fear
3) Jekyll and Hyde
4) Prom Night
5) I Think We’re Alone Now
6) When Hell Has Frozen Over
7) Rise (Of The Bride)


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