SNAKE TONGUE unveil “Corrupted Beat” video
New EP in February 2019

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Snake Tongue have their second single and video from their upcoming EP No Escape – No Excuse. The video is premiered through Svbterranean today. The band will release their new EP the 15th of February. The band have toured Europe and Mexico since the release of their debut album Raptors Breath (The Sign Records 2016). Snake Tongue will release their new EP on vinyl and will soon return to the roads.
Check it out here:
Since the release of the debut album “Raptors Breath” Snake Tongue  have done countless shows, toured Europe and Mexico and shared stages with bands such as Massacre68, Doomriders, Coliseum, All Pigs Must Die and more.
With the No Escape – No Excuse EP the band wanted to have a more rough and dirty sound than the quite polished debut. They entered the studio with Seth Norder as producer to get the right darkness.
Again Brad Boatright (Audiosiege) did the mastering. The dark and harsh lyrics on this EP reflect a reality/society in decline, but also calls for action, resistance and reflection.
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SIBERIAN premiere new version of “Axis Mundi”
EP out February 1, 2019

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Siberian have gone through some line up changes during the last year. Now they are back and today they are releasing their first track from an upcoming studio live EP set for release the 1st of February.
Today their track Axis Mundi got premiered thought The Sludgelord. The track is a rerecorded live track with Siberians new line up. The track is was originally on The Through Ages of Sleep (The Sign Records 2017) studio album.
Check out “Axis Mundi” here:
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More info on SIBERIAN
Siberian is a heavy metal band from Linköping, Sweden that finds it’s influences in the American sludge and post-metal scene. Mix it together with their Scandinavian background and you will start to get an idea what Siberian is all about. Uncompromising walls of sound meets melody and melancholia.
Post-metal inspired experimentation with sitars, flutes and bag-pipes. Faintest traces of atmospheric black-metal clashing with cranking moments of hardcore sludge. Jubilant melodies and fiery war drums.
Siberian released their theme-based debut album ‘Modern Age Mausoleum’ in 2014. It was the first chapter in Siberian’s ‘Age trilogy’. The album displays a Orwellian view of the modern society. After several tour cycles the band started to work with what was going to become their next release.
The band worked with the documentation of all their personal dreams. The material became the foundation of what was to become their second theme-based release in the trilogy  named ‘Through Ages of Sleep’. The follow-up explores the subconscious mind in dreams and is portrayed both sonically and lyrically. The album takes Siberian a step further sounding more mature and grown up compared to the previous debut. The band have stated in interviews that they shun away from any musical rules and focus only on writing what feels right. Which becomes very clear on the new record.
Since the release the band evolved their musicality and added new members to the group expandning the band from a three-piece to a quintet. Focusing on writing new material with new instruments in the band. Siberian is introducing it’s new members with a new live EP ‘Live at Studio Underjord’ set to be released in February 2019.
William Wilhelmsson – Vocals
Linus Marron – Guitars
Magnus Strigner – Keyboard, Samples, Percussions, Vocals, Guitars
David Reby – Bass
Daniel Eklöw – Drums

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