Smrtdeath Releases New Single ‘misfit’ With Teen Movie Of A Music Video

Smrtdeath releases new single ‘misfit’ with teen movie of a music video:

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Smrtdeath sings from the heart on new single ‘misfit’, a pop punk love song for the ages, about finding your person. This prolific songwriter is embracing his take on alternative hip-hop meets pop punk, and has teamed up with producer Matt Malpass (Travis Barker/John Feldmann) to bring a tour de force of modern pop punk. The music video for ‘misfit’ depicts a classic teen movie aesthetic, with a twist.

Smrtdeath says “misfit is about the feeling you get when you find someone who totally understands you. kind of expressed through the lack of understanding you may have had with people in the past or those around you maybe not understanding why you feel the way you do but you both feel for each other on a different, unexplainable level. it’s about the absence of loneliness, a loneliness you didn’t even know you felt until it went away. at its core it’s a love song, celebrating the kind of love you unquestionably follow, the kind that elevates you & the one u love, making you want to share your life together 5ever. ”

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