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Smoking Martha are back with their sophomore album, the album follow-ups the bands highly regarded debut “In Deep’ from 2017. Smoking Martha is one of Australia’s finest exports and like many’s a prophet, were welcomed opened armed in the UK & Europe with a sizeable following as well as to be expected back at home. 

The album has a real kick about it with Tasha’s killer vocals against a complex and technical backdrop of intricate guitar work, all fused together by sumptuous melodies and soaring anthemic choruses. The songwriting is top-notch, beautifully put together and marries the gnarly technical aspect of the playing against the beautiful backdrop of the perfectly interwoven earworms that warm the cockles and muscles of your wee heart.

It’s always a joy when a band like Smoking Martha land at your feet, there are so many uncovered gems out there that deserve recognition and Smoking Martha fall into that category. Supremely talented, offering their own unique brand of music that diverts you away from the cookie-cutter collective so often flooding our airwaves. 

Good old fashioned gritty rock with a seriously classy twist, what’s not to like? 

Universe drops Dec 3rd courtesy of Xelon Entertainment and this is one album that absolutely has to be on your radar!

‘Universe’ album tracklist:

1. Good Girls
2. Only Love
3. I Tried
4. Wonderful Happiness
5. Liquid Sunshine
6. Intermission
7. Neon Lights
8. Ghost
9. It’s A Lie
10. Wild And Free
11. In The Shadows
12. Universe



Smoking Martha is:

Tasha D – Vocals
Mick Broome – Guitar
Matty Mulheran – Bass
Jordy Poynter – Drums

Connect with Smoking Martha:

Official Website –
Facebook – @smokingmartha
Twitter – @smokingmartha
Instagram – @smokingmartha
You Tube –

Smoking Martha // Universe // Album Review
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