The Aussie rockers released their 1st EP in 2014, recorded at Airlock Studios with Powderfinger’s Ian Haug in the producers seat. The self titled EP featured 5 scorching tracks including the first single “Sweet as Honey” . Off the back of this success the dynamic 5 piece have been extremely busy out of the studio as well as in, having recently teamed up with producer “Matt Bartlem” to bring you their highly anticipated debut Album In Deep .

With most bands you can probably pinpoint one or two musical references that seem to drive the music, with Smoking Martha things are not quite so straightforward. Although things drive along pretty much on a classic rock vibe or via a more visceral garage rock subversion, this is no mere rehashing of the past and whilst you can probably pick out many of the individual musical building blocks, what they have fashioned them into is a totally new piece of exquisite sonic architecture. Find a Way broods and glowers with gothic undertones, Ebb of the Tide bristles with high drama and shifting dynamics, and opening salvo So Lonely blends punky skanking guitars with foot on the monitor seminal rock sounds.

And the more you peel back the more you find; blues grooves pushed to the extreme, theatrical excesses, grunge intensity, biker bar swagger and effortless attitude. Tasha D has a voice that demands attention. It’s a cross between Chrissie Hynde and Gwen Stefani, leaning more toward the Stefani side. The defining difference is that Tasha’s voice is lusher than Stefani’s, probably because it’s a bit deeper, like it has been steeped in rum. In short, Tasha D ranks somewhere in the Top 10 of The World’s Best Female Voices.

With incredible energetic stage presence from every member “Smoking Martha” have gained new fans far and wide as well as landing international and national supports with, Seether, Uriah Heep, Everclear, Dallas Fransca, Electric Mary and most recently with the original Cherry Bomb herself“Cherie Currie” from The Runaways.

The band has played many Australian iconic  venues and festivals. Smoking Martha have been shaking success firmly by the throat for the last few years, with Tasha’s smoldering vocals and the bands captivating instrumental hooks, Fans have a lot to look forward to! The right band, the right sound, the right time.

Band Line-Up:
Tasha Doherty (vocals)
Mick Broome (guitar)
Az Stonely (Rhythm Guitar)
Matty Mulheran (bass)
Jordon (drums)

CD Track Listing:
1. So Lonely
2. Say You’re Mine
3. To The Stars
4. Ebb Of The Tide
5. One Night
6. Baby Let Me Go
7. Follow
8. Find A Way
9. What’s Her Name?
10. Stranger Things

Bonus Tracks:
11. All Lit Up  (Demo)
12. Sweet As Honey (Demo)
13. Fake Promises (Demo)
14. Bad Choices (Demo)
15. Heavy Heart (Demo)

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