Slyrydes are a four piece band from Galway city, Co Galway. In 2019 Slyrydes released their first four singles from March to October (Mental Health, Point of view, Out Patience & Dangerous Animals) The singles collected much critical acclaim nationwide and in the UK. Paul McLoone (Today fm/ The Undertones) has championed the band since the first single “Mental Health”.

Slyrydes are known for touching on the subject of mental health and the HSE.

They have worked with Daniel Doherty in Darklands studio Dublin city (Fontaines DC/ Vulpynes/ Damien Dempsey) on every single so far.

Slyrydes are currently working on their debut album while playing select shows around Ireland.

“I claim to be intelligent” will be the first single of 2020.

“With this new single I think we show off a side to us the listener hasn’t heard before, The way we write songs is ever evolving,To us this sounded more like an REM song the first time we played it together…”

Slyrydes are set to play Sunstroke 2020 alongside bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Faith no more and Refused.

Fuz Reilly -Bass guitar

Mark Comer – Lead guitar

Marc Raftery – Vocals/ words

Paul Clarke – Drums

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