Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind - Album Review
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind - Album Review10
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind - Album Review10
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind - Album Review10
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind - Album Review10
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind - Album Review10
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This must be the most highly anticipated album release of 2019 as the 9 piece machine from Iowa have taken five years since the release of .5: The Gray Chapterto bring us their 6thfull length album which was highly suggested to be as heavy as Iowa.

Having had some past member issues that are still ongoing and using the issues and emotions surrounding the breakdown of the marriage of Corey Taylor, the band spend the most time that they ever have done to write this album and have allowed their influences and musical experiments to come to the fore to truly express everything that the band have to give in what is undoubtable a very explosive album.

Having been late to the listening party following the album being released the Friday of Bloodstock festival, I was very happy as I sat in the passenger seat of my mate’s car and he blasted it on the drive home. I went straight to my local record shop and bought the vinyl version. I was hooked.

The album opens with the eerie ‘Insert Coin’ building the mood perfectly and displaying the start of a darker Slipknot, one where pure aggression isn’t the only way to express the mess within the mind but allowing the music to find its own twisted way around the contortions we experience before the intro to already released ‘Unsainted’ kicks in with the choral section and then the clear vocals of the hardest working frontman kick in and we are truly welcomed to this beautiful nightmare of an album.

Mixing up cleaner vocal with the aggressive spitting style that we are so used to from the years of releases Corey utilises his full arsenal of vocal weaponry in this twisted assault of a release, with ’Birth Control’ mainly allowing the music to provide a musical atmosphere, the flexibility of the vocal works to enhance and then blast the frustrations and passion at full power.

Throwing in some of the longest tracks we have seen the band release along with unexpected interludes, displaying musical growth and in some ways maturity, putting more trust in the musical side of the release and allowing others to fully express themselves in ways previously not experienced with Slipknot.

‘Nero Forte’ contains Old School Slipknot flavours whilst ‘Spiders’ and ‘My Pain’ display a newer sound than we have heard before as this 14 track monster spreads an impressive 1hour 5 minutes of messed up emotion that may not be as full force aggressive as the likes of Iowahowever is far more in depth and psychologically disturbed that anything that the band have previously released.

Many will point to the era of the Slipknotto Vol.3as being the pinnacle of Slipknot, however this is certainly up there and is the best thing that band have released in some time. It is not the same Slipknot that released those albums, both physically and musically. As the band have changed and grown, so has the sound, but this is as disturbed as you will hear them and possibly, discreetly as heavy as ever.

This is one of my favourite Slipknot albums with its many layers that are discovered with each additional listen and at this rate I will be listening to this for the foreseeable future. It is stunning.

Ed Ford

We Are Not Your Kind was released August 9th via Roadrunner Records.


Track List

Insert Coin (1:38)

Unsainted (4:20)

Birth Of The Cruel (4:35)

Death Because Of Death (1:20)

Nero Forte (5:15)

Critical Darling (6:25)

A Liar’s Funeral (5:27)

Red Flag (4:11)

What’s Next (0:53)

Spiders (4:03)

Orphan (6:01)

My Pain (6:48)

Not Long For This World (6:35)

Solway Firth (5:55)





SLIPKNOT has teased their 2020 European tour, revealing a string of cities where the band are set to bring their spectacular all-new live production and announcing an album/ticket pre-sale access tie-up to coincide. Fans pre-ordering the Iowa band’s long-awaited sixth studio album, ‘WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND’before 11.30pm UK time on 8th August at the Roadrunner Records e-store, will be eligible for an exclusive ticket pre-sale code granting early access to the first available tickets for their 2020 European run. Click to secure your album and exclusive pre-order code.


Tour cities rack up as follows:


Dublin, Ireland

Manchester, United Kingdom

Newcastle, United Kingdom

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Birmingham, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Frankfurt, Germany

Paris, France

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Lyon, France

Budapest, Hungary

Lodz, Poland

Stuttgart, Germany

Munich, Germany

Milan, Italy

Zurich, Switzerland

Vienna, Austria

Hamburg, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Dortmund, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Stockholm, Sweden

Oslo, Norway

Helsinki, Finland

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