Sleep On It // Pride & Disaster // Album Review
Sleep On It // Pride & Disaster // Album Review 10
Sleep On It // Pride & Disaster // Album Review 10
Sleep On It // Pride & Disaster // Album Review 10
Sleep On It // Pride & Disaster // Album Review 10
Sleep On It // Pride & Disaster // Album Review 10
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Ever wish you could go back to those days where bands such as Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco ruled the airwaves? Well I may have found the answer to quench that thirst! Sleep On It are about to release a brand new album ​Pride and Disaster​ which seems to hit the spot with that particular brand of Pop Punk. Two years after the release of their debut albumOverexposed​ the band are back to fill our heads and ears with their particular brand.

Pride and Disaster ​is one of those albums which is filled with hit after hit. From the start you are hot with a wave of nostalgia as the fast melodic riffs hit on “Racing Towards A Red Light”. What’s interesting is that to perhaps a less trained ear you could almost mistake vocalist Zech Pluister for Brandon Urie (Panic! at The Disco) as their vocal styles are so similar. By the time the chorus kicks on however there is a clear distinction and Pluister comes into his own. Whole the first track may hold the nostalgia, come track 2 “Hold Your Breath” has a much more modern Pop Punk feel, showing that these guys have moved with the times while still honouring the past. “Fix The Dark” has a slightly heavier feel to the start but once again takes the old and puts a modern spin onto the sound and is certainly a highlight from the album. That said, there’s not a bad track on the album and so many which could be chosen as favourites it would be difficult to choose just one track to listen to!

Pop Punk albums generally have a feel where every track seems to be full of feel good hits, however Sleep On It seem to have raised the bar with this latest offering. It’s been on repeat for me for days and I’m yet to bore of any track or fancy something different. This could well be a contender for my top Pop Punk album of the year so far!

Pride & Disaster is release this friday the 13th on Rude Records



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