SLC hardcore band Run Into The Sun release No One Sees Me / Nothing Heals Here

SLC hardcore band Run Into The Sun release

No One Sees Me / Nothing Heals Here

STREAM: No One Sees Me / Nothing Heals Here

Salt Lake City hardcore band Run Into The Sun have released their new EP, No One Sees Me / Nothing Heals Here. It’s the latest in series of music from the band started in June 2022, following the emotional Love / Pain, political Cry / Blood, and optimistic Try / Hope. On No One Sees Me / Nothing Heals Here the band channel their frustrations into two songs about identity and struggle. Drawing from the likes of Blacklisted, Modern Life is War, and Snapcase, the tracks are highlighted by thick bass lines and melodic breakdowns. Combined with an unabating vocal delivery, Run Into The  Sun deliver with a fresh and energetic sound.

Diving into the very personal lyrics of the tracks, vocalist Dan Fletcher states:

“Growing up in a place like Provo, Utah is hard. So many young people are lost to drugs, depression, and suicide. Kids who were shunned by their families for leaving the church, for being queer, for not agreeing with the doctrines, for being themselves. These deaths are constantly covered up, ignored, forgotten, thoughts and prayers sent. I went back to that town recently and I felt sick to my stomach. The history and my memories still make me so fucking mad. When I got home, I wrote the lyrics to “No One Sees Me.” It’s inspired by the connection between my experience and the history of the city, where Mormon settlers arrived and murdered the native tribes. As kids, we were taught this story of a Ute tribe woman leaping from a nearby mountain because she was heartbroken. The truth was that she and her family were hunted and killed.

After I wrote ‘No One Sees Me,’ I got to thinking about how I felt growing up in that city. Dealing with ADHD, anxiety and depression. Trying to make sense of my identity in a place where people are told who they’re supposed to be, how they’re supposed to live, and that if they don’t obey, they’ll be kicked out of their culture and end up in hell for eternity. ‘Nothing Heals Here’ is about growing up where you don’t belong, how the beauty of youth is tarnished by ignorance and judgment, looking back and wishing those youthful moments had remained innocent and pure.”

You can listen to No One Sees Me / Nothing Heals Here and all of Run Into The Sun’s music on Bandcamp and Spotify. The band have several shows coming up this year in Salt Lake City, more info below.

Run Into The Sun is Dan Fletcher – Vocals, Matt Mascarenas – Guitar, Chase Griffis – Bass, and Drew Davenport – Drums.

Upcoming Shows in Salt Lake City:

August 26 @ Metro Music Hall / Crucialfest w/ Will Haven, Whores, The Otolith

November 11 @ Metro Music Hall w/ Triphammer, Villain, Absolved

November 25 @ Black Lung w/ Jawstruck, Scrutiny

November 30 @ Black Lung w/ Threar, Lane and the Chain, P.S. Destroy This

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