Lyrics about youth disenfranchisement, wanderlust for purpose, and laughing at the
obscene realities of fragmented society are met with drum compositions and
guitar riffs that speak loudly to the character of this band” 
 Brightest Young Things

“They are one of the best live bands in the world right now.” – The AU Review

UK duo Slaves are back with a full-throttle music video for their song “Bugs.” The track itself is commanding, riff-heavy punk, with a thundering bassline complimented by lyrics raging against society’s decline and the deluge of questionable information the world has been subjected to over the last few years. The video finds the band heading back to where it all began for them, performing in a packed pub to a lively crowd, before flashing to a dystopian vision where the pubs are all closed down. Made in partnership with UK brewery Carling, the clip intends to shine a light on their Long Live The Localcampaign, which calls for a cut to beer tax to help keep pubs alive in England. You can watch the video for “Bugs” here, originally taken from Slaves’ 2018 album Acts Of Fear And Love, which can be streamed here.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed third album, Acts of Fear and Love, last year, Isaac Holman (drums, vocals) and Laurie Vincent (guitar, vocals) have been bringing their rowdy anthems to the people in a joyous, celebration of big riffs, big beats and even bigger choruses. Acts Of Fears And Lovemarked Slaves most genre-bending record yet, containing the speed-y vitriol that’s always been par for course, but tempered by quieter, dreamier moments of straight-up ‘90s indie. This newfound sound took the duo to the main stage of major U.S. festivals in 2018, including the likes of the Foo Fighters’ curated CalJam, Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL, Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas and Governor’s Ball in New York City. The band will continue to build on their high energy in 2019 with more dates to be announced in the UK and beyond.

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