Slave Steel // Dream Of Decadence // Album Review


First things first Holy Shit this is amazing and secondly how the hell have I not heard of these guys before seen as they are around since 2008!

Heavily influenced by thrash and death metal this is top-notch; from the opening strains of “Ogre Cage” you know you are in for a treat, a brutal drum beat with savage riffs and a booming bass lead into a cross of guttural/ screaming vocals that are on another level, an absolute beast of a track to open with. “Shut” continues the onslaught with a full-on sonic assault, a killer bass line underpins the whole track rumbling along nicely behind another massive drum beat and cutting riffs while Nazzari spits out the lyrics with venom, a cool solo breaks the track up at the midpoint before it normal service is resumed, breathtaking. “Blessed Is The Mess” opens with muted tones that lead to the heavy drum beat and a thumping bass line that drive the track, backed up by some killer riffs and vocals that are reminiscent of Max Cavalera, an excellent track.

“Decadence” finishes things off nicely at full belt, a Slayer style riff kicks it off with a blistering drum beat that seems to increase in intensity as the track progresses, Nazzari starts off with spoken lyrics before he drops into beast mode and tears it up big time, the best track on the EP and a brilliant way to close the EP.


“Dream Of Decadence” is out 25th of June, for fans of thrash or death metal you will not be disappointed, simply stunning!

Ogre Cage
Blessed is the Mess
Dream of Decadence

Slave Steel are:

Pil Nazzari                             Vocals

Daniele Manganaro           Guitars

Marco Agosta                      Bass

Riccardo Priori                    Drums

Slave Steel // Dream Of Decadence // Album Review
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