Skypilot - The Affront - Album Review
Skypilot - The Affront - Album Review 8
Skypilot - The Affront - Album Review 8
Skypilot - The Affront - Album Review 8
Skypilot - The Affront - Album Review 8
Skypilot - The Affront - Album Review 8
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Skypilot drops their latest offering The Affront, a return to the savagery that gave the Belfast trio their trademark sound. Riffage in abundance and an unapologetic approach to songwriting, their approach is simple and effective, right to the point, which has a beauty all to itself.

Right away your hit by the hefty riffs, thunderous distortion, and melodic hook from the album opener, ‘M.O.A.S.T’. , a great introduction, followed by ‘SuperDuperNaut’ with another slamming riff that immediately demands your full attention. It’s a banging track that you know will go down a treat live, Skypilot offer a raw and ethereal approach to their songwriting and recording sound, like their peer’s artists like 1000Mods and the likes you can gauge the process in which these tracks come to life. The album speaks volumes of whom Skypilot are two decades on, with a wealth of experience behind them and the drive to keep going they have brought fresh energy to their sound whilst remaining true to their roots.

Recorded at Bearcat Studio’s in Belfast, the production quality resonates throughout the eight hefty tracks, punishing the listener with the thunderous thrashing of the guitars, bass and pummeling drum work. The album itself gains momentum and showcases the graft put into the songwriting process, the experience of Jonny Munro also maximizing at the postproduction stage to bring these monstrous sounding tracks to the fore.

Two decades on and no let up in sight, The Affront reaffirms Skypilot is here to stay.

“The Affront” which will be out on Friday 7th June worldwide on CD, and digitally via Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, iTunes and all digital formats.

The band have a launch gig in the Limelight 2 on Saturday 8th June, with support from Zlatanera & Brethern. Doors 5pm – £5.00. The band will have a special merch bundle on sale too – the album + shirt for £15.00


Track Listing.



The Beautiful Cheese

Happy Helmet

Letters to Jemima

Front End Gone





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