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Following the digital release of their debut album THOUGHTS OF THE OTHERS in April, Leeds four-piece SKULL have now officially released the double transparent orange vinyl version via Shove It Up Your Cult Records in a limited pressing of just 300 copies. To precede the vinyl release, the band have also unveiled the video for their new single, SLEAZY, taken from the album.


You can watch the video for SLEAZY here:

Having earned a reputation for their phenomenal and powerful live performances, SKULL will be playing a number of headline shows in the summer and beyond, alongside several support slots at the personal request of Elvana in the autumn. Full dates as follows:





Sat            15            LEEDS                                    O2 Academy | with ELVANA

Fri            21            LEEDS                                    360 Club @ The Lending Room | HEADLINE

Sat            22            NEWCASTLE                        O2 Academy | with ELVANA




Sat            13            MANCHESTER                        O2 Ritz | with ELVANA




Sun            04            LEEDS                                    Wharf Chambers



THOUGHTS OF THE OTHERS may briefly acknowledge convention by including the band’s three singles to date – RPM, LIGHTSWITCH and WHISPERS – but this is far from a typical album.It traces a journey – a seemingly tormented journey – through a seemingly tormented mind. Some songs are interspersed with narration; others flow effortlessly into each other.

There is no clear indication of whether these narrative thoughts are those of a character invented by Jonny, the lyricist and vocalist, or whether they are a true reflection of his own mind, but the emotions are palpably real. Lyrically and narratively we experience, by varying degrees, desolation, despair, paranoia, fear and isolation; leaving the thunderous riffs, the staggering drums and the skyscraping vocals to provide the joy, the elation, the salvation.

In explanation – a typically oblique, typically literate explanation – of what it may well feel like listening to the album, Jonny offers:

Imagine you wake up in a room. Alone. Above, the sky has turned purple; the rain cascades and everyone’s eyes glow as if they have become possessed by the truths told. For the first time in forever you’re thinking clearly. A consequence of a welcome isolation. Turning on the stereo to drown out the drone, the room is filled with a gloom-rock encompassed by garage, psychedelia and progressive pasts. Heavy riffs enveloped in fuzz; high octane solos; and the echoing bellows of a melancholic fabulist flood the senses. You’ve entered the realm of Skull’s record. A conceptual soundtrack to revolution with plans to vanquish forever the thoughts of the others.

As a footnote – an understated yet almost euphoric footnote – Jonny adds, “Remember that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it”.




… Skull will turn many heads with Thoughts of The Others because they have released an almost perfect album; it’s beefy and hard-hitting which, in a musical climate that is constantly sinking into bland and sterile oblivion, is a reminder that there is still hope …” FLICK OF THE FINGER 5/5


… Less of an album and more of a drama; more like a piece of art than a traditional album … the narrations fit right in and give the album a real and raw vibe …” EPIGRAM MAGAZINE 5/5


… Comprised and recorded with the utmost care, attention and their signature dark humour, Skull bring hope to the booming slate of the vast rock genre; they have produced an almost perfect rock record for 2018 …” THE NATIONAL STUDENT 4/5


 “… The guitar riffs flow aplenty, blistering through concise and well-constructed pieces such as Sleazy, encapsulating a Kyuss essence which is more than welcome …” BIRMINGHAM LIVE


… Known for their awesome live performances, this debut album doesn’t falter one bit; the whole package of the LP is almost like a drama set to music …” ON YORKSHIRE MAGAZINE


… They have managed to make something unique here, with sparse moments of narration filtered into the music; mark our words – Skull are headed for big things …” YORK CALLING




  • 00:00 [MIDNIGHT OIL]
  • 00:40 HIDE & SEEK
  • 04:02 [RUMOURS]
  • 04:24 WHISPERS
  • 08:27 [MASKS]
  • 08:50 A WHOLE (TO KEEP ME)
  • 11:58 [COLOURS]
  • 12:26 RPM
  • 15:04 SLEAZY
  • 17:43 [SHIPS IN THE NIGHT]
  • 23:01 YELLOW KING
  • 27:05 [REMEMBRANCE]
  • 27:42 PAEAN
  • 32:31 [THE EXIT]
  • 32:46 MOTHER



In their brief existence, SKULL have continued to harness the power and the dark humour they developed with their previously acclaimed band. Everything is released carefully, with consideration and with every fibre of their passion. There are no throwaway moments. Their debut single, RPM, was barely three minutes long but is stuffed to the brim with thundering rhythms, mesmerising guitars and a vocal that, despite its relative restraint, could and probably does strip paint from a distance.


LIGHTSWITCH, the follow up single, reveals a grinding rhythm that develops slowly and stealthily into a fury of lascivious guitars and drums, forever threatening to explode, as befits the song’s theme, into a thunderous climax. Towards the end it eventually does but not before the ebbs and the flows have again been explored, before finishing with a comedown that almost demands the obligatory cigarette.


The band’s third single, WHISPERS, has been described as melodic and creepy and unnerving, none of which could really be argued with, and ends with a blistering and incredible guitar solo that takes the breath away.





JONNY – vocals and guitar | AARON – bass | BEN – guitar | MARK – drums and vocals

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