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Skillet are back again and keeping the momentum from their last album Victorious which was released pre-pandemic times in 2019. Due to be released on 14 January 2022, Dominion is the bands 11th studio album to date proving they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to leading the way as one the best-selling rock bands of the 21st century.

From the opening track, “Surviving the Game”, it is undeniable that this is Skillet as they maintain that hard-hitting sound fans have come to know and love. The title track continues this as the opening guitar slides pull you into the track and have you singing along with the chorus in no time. It’s not all guns blazing through the album however as the band plays with different tempos and they slow down slightly with “Beyond Incredible” which follows that tried and tested theme of opening with a real focus on the lyrics and vocals before powering into a catchy chorus. If you are looking for a ballad style track though, you can’t go wrong with “Forever or the End” which slows down completely and lets Jen Ledger’s voice truly shine.

It may seem that the album is very much the same old style and sound we know and love however be prepared for the band to kick up to the next level as “Destiny” holds a rap style through the verses. The style has become very popular with similar bands such as Papa Roach and Hollywood Undead however Skillet stand out with the blend of John and Jen’s vocals which seamlessly fit this style showing off the growth of the band.

It’s safe to say that Skillet are determined to hold their title and this latest album just proves that. It’s full of tracks that are so undeniable as the band however they have managed to elevate themselves and keep moving with the times which is exactly what bands who have been in the business for as long as these guys need to do to stay relevant. It seems that the band has plenty to show still and will hopefully continue to keep bringing us great albums like this.


Emmie Ellis


1. Surviving the Game

2. Standing in the Storm

3. Dominion

4. Valley of Death

5. Beyond Incredible

6. Destiny

7. Refuge

8. Shout Your Freedom

9. Destroyer

10. Forever or the End

11. Ignite

12. White Horse



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Skillet // Dominion // Album Review
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