Skeletal Remains // The Entombment Of Chaos // Album Review
Skeletal Remains // The Entombment Of Chaos // Album Review10
Skeletal Remains // The Entombment Of Chaos // Album Review10
Skeletal Remains // The Entombment Of Chaos // Album Review10
Skeletal Remains // The Entombment Of Chaos // Album Review10
Skeletal Remains // The Entombment Of Chaos // Album Review10
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Previous known as Anthropophagy and formed back in 2011, The band now under the name Skeletal Remains released their demo ‘Desolate Isolation’ in 2011 before the debut full length ‘Beyond The Flesh’ was unleashed in 2012. The follow up ‘Condemned To Misery’ saw its release in 2015 before the heavily acclaimed 2018 album ‘Devouring Mortality’ took the Californian Death Metallers to the next level. Now the four-piece band is hoping to continue their push on the Metal universe with The Entombment Of Chaos to build on the popularity they have cemented with a relentless touring schedule with the likes of Hatebreed, Obituary, Power Trip, The Black Dahlia Murder, Municipal Waste and many more.

So, the fourth album, what does it hold in store? If you’ve heard any previous material by the band you will have a pretty good idea, if you don’t hold onto your hats as this is where the glorious sound of the great ’80s and 90’s Death Metal begins and is going to beat you to a pulp.

As the intro begins the spooky and atmospheric adventure, don’t be lulled into some sense of security as when this ends and the music really begins is where the meat grinder begins to turn as the drums erupt into life and the guitars begin to slash away as the bass slings some hefty hooks your way before the abrasive vocal spews all over everything laid in front of it. This sounds like the wonders of Death Metal that many bands have moved away from, yet here we have new music that is a heavy and dark as anything that is modern sounding if not more so.

This incredible sonic experience continues as the album progresses and continues to batter you all angles in a non-stop assault on every aspect of your being. The brutality that the band has managed to encapsulate is blunt and the aggression is insane, however, the tracks are not one dimensional as the pace and styles begin to differ slightly, but the intensity and power do not waiver in this truly crushing masterpiece.

The Entombment Of Chaos is one of the finest albums of 2020 and one that is a modern classic that echoes of a gone by. This is 48 minutes of brilliance that just has to be heard by all fans of Death Metal, trust me, no one will ever regret listening to this.

Ed Ford


The Entombment Of Chaos is released on September 11th 2020 via Century Media.


Track list

1. Cosmic Chasm (Intro) (1:40) 

2. Illusive Divinity (4:09) 

3. Congregation Of Flesh (4:53) 

4. Synthetic Impulse (4:45) 

5. Tombs Of Chaos (5:55) 

6. Enshrined In Agony (1:55) 

7. Dissectasy (4:23) 

8. Torturous Ways To Obliteration (4:34) 

9. Eternal Hatred (6:03) 

10. Unfurling The Casket (5:09) 

11. Stench Of Paradise Burning (cover version) (4:47)* Bonus track, originally recorded by Disincarnate



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