Skarlett Riot // Invicta // Album Review


The 7th of May sees the release of Skarlett Riot’s third album, and it is their finest offering to date, picking up from where they left of with2017’s “Regenerate” they have managed to up the ante somewhat to deliver an amazing album, from the start to the finish there is not a track that disappoints. “Breaking The Habit” gets us underway with a fast heavy beat, killer guitars while Chloe “Skarlett” Drinkwater’s angelic voice rising above it all to deliver a stonking opener. “Gravity” opens with a classy riff and drum beat with a screaming opening that leads into one of the best tracks on the album, pounding drums, cool guitars and an excellent mix of clean and screamed lyrics are hard to beat. “Black Cloud” is a power ballad as you can get, Chloe’s vocals are really strong here and slightly reminiscent of Amy Lee, the real kicker is the growling vocals under her singing in the chorus, the heavier riffs and drums help to drive the song big time.

“Under Water” is back to full speed with a chugging riff, thumping drums and bass, with a brilliant melodic chorus that again blends clean and screaming vocals, outstanding. “Stronger” has that massive arena sound that will no doubt be a crowd-pleaser when then things start up again, a rumbling bassline, crashing drums and cracking guitars are only topped by Chloe’s voice. “Cut The Ties” kicks ass from the off with savage drumming that is the driving force of the song, thick bass and cutting riffs back them up while Chloe’s vocals and a ripper solo push it over the top. “Into Pieces” is a gem of a song buried in between the chaos, coming in at just under six minutes it is a masterpiece in the making showing the bands ability to change things up, Chloe leaves it all on the floor as she showcases her amazing voice as the band back her up with a stellar performance, pure class. After the brief respite of the previous track “Not Alone” brings back the tempo with kicking drums and excellent riffs, again Chloe’s vocals are on point as she trades off with Danny Oglesby’s growling snarl, another brilliant track. “To The Flames” has a drum beat and chugging riffs that set a heavy tone even though the song somehow manages to be really melodic at the same time leading to an all-around excellent track.

“Falling” with its soft opening and vocals gently lulls you into a rocking power ballad that hits all the right spots, soaring vocals and guitars are the backbone of the song, stunning. The album closes with “Human”, a high paced affair that kills big time, with a nice balance between clean and screaming vocals to a backdrop of pummeling drums and killer guitars, a brilliant way to end a fantastic album.



“Invicta” is out Friday 7th May and is definitely one for the record collection.

Skarlett Riot is:

Chloe “Skarlett” Drinkwater                   Vocals

 Tim Chambers                                            Bass

Luke Olgesby                                               Drums

Danny Oglesby                                            Guitars/Backing Vocals

Skarlett Riot // Invicta // Album Review
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