SKANNERS Are Back! Announce Signing With ALPHA OMEGA Management, New Album Coming Out March 2019!

SKANNERS Are Back! Announce Signing With ALPHA OMEGA Management, New Album Coming Out March 2019!

ALPHA OMEGA Management is especially thrilled to announce the signing of SKANNERS, Italian Legendary Heavy Metal Band since 1982 who are back, announcing their new album, entitled “Temptation”, set to be released in March 2019. More information will be revealed shortly.

Stated the band:
“SKANNERS are very excited to work with ALPHA OMEGA Management, an excellent and professional team. We can’t wait to exalt all over the world our 35 years of heavy metal!”

ALPHA OMEGA Management adds:
“We’re extremely pleased to welcome SKANNERS to our roster family, the real pioneers of Italian heavy metal! The guys are ready to blast the stages harder than ever and we’re looking forward to work for their future goals! Stay tuned for next announcements, great things are going to happen!”

Bolzano, Italy based heavy metal legends SKANNERS were formed in 1982. In 1986 they released the debut LP “Dirty Armada”, followed by many shows in Italy, Austria and Germany where SKANNERS won widespread public approval and critical acclaim, becoming pioneers in the New Wave of Italian heavy metal. After their second album “Picture of War”, released in 1988, SKANNERS shared stages with legends as GIRLSCHOOL, MOTORHEAD, HALLOWEEN, SAXON, MANOWAR, DIO, TWISTED SISTER and many other. In 1995 came out the third album “The Magic Square”. Thanks to this album SKANNERS joined DEEP PURPLE as Special Guest on the 1996 Italian Tour. In 1997 the band released their first live album “Skanners Live” in celebration of their 15th anniversary. In 2002 SKANNERS recorded their fourth album “Flagellum Dei” produced and distributed in the whole of Europe by Underground Symphony. In 2005 in Italy the metal music of the 80’s enjoyed a revival and SKANNERS’ new record label My Graveyard Productions re-released their first two memorable albums “Dirty Armada” and “Pictures of War”. SKANNERS returned to the studio in January 2008 to work on their fifth album, “The Serial Healer”, still produced by My Graveyard Productions and distributed all over Europe. Between 2010 and 2012 SKANNERS put a lot of effort into promoting the new album in Europe and they presented it at the worldwide mecca for metal music: Wacken Open Air 2010. In this event SKANNERS officially represented the Italian Heavy Metal. In 2013 was published the book/DVD biography “Eins Zwei Drei Metal Party” produced by CRAC Edizioni and RIFF Records. In 2015 the CD/DVD “Eins Zwei Drei Metal Party Live” was recorded and produced by SKANNERS and RIFF Metal Department. The band decided to dedicate its eighth album entirely to their former guitarist and founding member, Max Quinzio, who died in February of 2014. Following the release of CD/DVD, “Eins, zwei, drei, Metal Party” the band played  numerous shows and festivals throughout Italy and Germany, sharing the stage with IN FLAMES, SAVAGE, DARK FUNERAL, VADER and METAL CHURCH. In 2018 the band recorded the new album at the SKY STUDIO in Munich (DE), which will be released in march 2019.

Watch official video “Iron Man” (2011):  

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