There’s a label launching, with a new way of thinking. A label that has a vision to change the way the record industry works, by treating hard working bands respectfully, fairly and above all ethically. In addition, part of the profits from sales with go to mental health charities. Have a look at the Kickstarter, here…/ethical-heavy-metal-record-la…
David Malpass – Piss Viper frontman

About this project

The current music industry model doesn’t work – it’s time to rethink the business model, shake it up a bit and try something new!

We feel that the Heavy Metal world needs a new independent label with a fresh perspective. One that will support exceptional artists. Those that have a lot of potential, but aren’t necessarily seen as commercially viable.

We are currently raising funds to launch our business-ethical, artist-friendly Heavy Metal record label in sunny Greater Manchester, UK. Our new way of thinking and doing things. We will be focusing mainly on Extreme Metal. Primarily Thrash, Death and Black Metal, but we are certainly not limiting ourselves to these styles. If an artist can start a decent pit or get your head nodding, they are most welcome here!

What do we mean by “New way of thinking?”

Put simply, the only people making money in the music industry at the moment are Record Label executives. This has to change. If bands don’t make money, they can’t survive and the scene can’t thrive.
Our business model is simple… The band pays the costs for studio time, recording, mixing and mastering. The label pays the production costs of the chosen medium(s) of the finished album (CD/LP/Cassette. This is agreed on a per band basis). We also pay for any necessary advertising and PR costs.

What do we mean by “Artist Friendly?”

All profits from the sale of music after production, advertising costs and monthly donations are split 50/50 with the band. Including those sold via band websites.
100% of the money from sales of merchandise via band websites and concerts organised by the band, goes to the band – if we don’t foot the bill, what right have we to take the profits?!

The only time we would ask for 50/50 split of profit on merchandise, is if it sold via online label channels (such as our website, BandCamp & Facebook) or at concerts organised by the label.

What do we mean by “Business Ethical?”

We aren’t “tree-huggers” by any stretch of the imagination. We are, however, mindful and switched-on enough about the planet that we’d like to insist, where possible, on the use of recycled materials for all our physical products.

We have been researching the costs involved with using recycled card for all digipak CD cases and vinyl sleeves etc. Fortunately, we’ve found that these don’t amount to much, if any, more than the costs of non-recycled materials. In the words of a certain supermarket chain, however…”Every little helps” and we’d like to do out little bit.

Equally importantly, we take a vested interest in people as well as the world we populate. Mental illness is a scourge and an issue close to our hearts. As such, we pledge to donate an as yet unconfirmed percentage of our monthly profites to mental health charities. We estimate this will be in the 10-15% range.

Sinister Visions Records T-Shirt
Sinister Visions Records T-Shirt


Sinister Visions Records Pentascale T-Shirt - the scale represents a balance between ethics and fairness
Sinister Visions Records Pentascale T-Shirt – the scale represents a balance between ethics and fairness


Risks and challenges

There are always risks and challenges within the music industry. Not least when starting a new label… Particularly one attempting to break the status quo and try something new! However, after many long hours of research, note-making, poring over said notes and researching some more… We are extremely confident that we have created a business model that has eliminated most (if not all) of the risks.

We know the label isn’t going to be a huge overnight success, but overnight success isn’t the goal. We want to be a label where bands know they won’t get the bad end of the stick. A place that can make a positive impact on the environment and the people in it. A place that instills trust in bands and customers. Most importantly, a home to excellent Heavy Metal Music.

See you in the pit!


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