SINGULARITY: Tempe, Arizona-based Tech-Death/Symphonic Black Metal Unit To Release Place of Chains on October 11th via The Artisan Era.
Unveil Album Art, Teaser Video, & More.

Tempe, Arizona-based technical death metal/symphonic black metal hybrid act Singularity are excited to announce the release of their second full-length, Place of Chains, on October 11th via The Artisan Era. It is the follow up to the group’s highly praised 2016 EP, Void Walker, which was preceded by their 2014 self-titled album that put the band on the map. Place of Chains sports eye-popping cover art from Justin Abraham who has created art for Equipoise, Inanimate Existence, Lecherous Nocturne, A Loathing Requiem, Æpoch, and more. Place of Chains was mixed by Inferi and Oubliette guitarist Mike Low, and Mastered by Anagnorisis guitarist Zak Denham.

Since their formation in 2010, Singularity has continually shown themselves to be a forward-thinking act, one with a bold vision built on fusing technical death metal and symphonic black metal together in a myriad of ways. Now in 2019, Singularity’s years of hard work and commitment to their craft has paid off with their most accomplished material yet on Place of Chains. Bombastic and brutal, Place of Chains exists as a unique crossover between worlds, in doing so, Singularity has delivered a powerful album that will surely be ranked among as one of 2019’s best death metal releases. Further enhancing the quality of Place of Chains is a bevy of high profile guest spots from Inferi guitarist Malcolm Pugh adding further orchestration throughout the album, a song co-written by Equipoise guitarist Nick Padovani plus a guest solo, as well as guest vocals from Arkaik vocalist Jared Christianson and Animus Complex vocalist Jeremy Davis.

The band states that Place of Chains will strongly appeal to fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vale of Pnath, Old Man’s Child, Dimmu Borgir, and the first album from Irreversible Mechanism.

*You can listen to an album teaser video for Singularity – Place of Chains  HERE

Singularity comments on the release of Place of Chains
“Place of Chains is the translation to the song title “Desmoterion” which lyrically illustrates the emotions of being wrongfully imprisoned. Considering that many of the songs on this record lyrically are about enslavement, we felt it was a good over-arching title for the record. We strongly believe that this is the best Singularity record so far. Singularity would also like to thank our guest artists that we had the privilege of having on this record. With every record, we try to further hone in on what the core of Singularity’s sound is and what we want to bring to the world of metal.”

*Stay tuned for more Singularity news, pre-orders, early singles, and more coming soon.

Singularity – Place of Chains Tracklist
1. Bellum
2. Victory or Death
3. Sisyphean Cycle
4. Ritual of Regret
5. Consume and Assume
6. Desmoterion
7. Serpentes, Eternal
8. Dead Receptors
9. As Dark As This Nefarious Night

Singularity – Place of Chains Line-up
Jack Fliegler – Guitar, Vocals (ToxicxEternity, ex-Hemoptysis)
Adam King – Bass, Vocals ( Depraved Heretic, ex-live for Arkaik)
Nick Pompliano (RIP) – Keyboards
Nathan Bigelow – Drums (Arkaik, ex-Alterbeast, Solar Impulse)

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