(Grand Rapids, MI – July 1st, 2019) Michigan metalcore outfit Amoura have released a new single.

The haunting and emotive “So Restless” (Spotify/YouTube) is the latest single from the Midwest heavy outfit, who look to emulate the success of a number of their Michigan peers.

“So Restless” comes as the follow up to January’s explosive “Back Then”, Amoura’s biggest hit to date, racking up over 160,000 streams on Spotify.

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Since the release of 2016 EP ‘Wishful Sinking’, Amoura has powered their way across Michigan with a sharp, focused and powerful brand of metalcore. Displaying catchy hooks and emotive lyricism, the 5-piece showcase the best of modern day metalcore; a sound that has been met with resounding acclaim from the alternative music fans and critics.

Adding 2018 single releases “Inhabit Me” and “Ghostlike” as well as January’s “Back Then”, the band delves into introspective, haunting but ultimately uplifting lyricism and supports Jesse Curtis’ frontage with with intricate and mesmerizing guitar work. Amoura’s reflective themes as well as the visual aspect of their art, were met with a positive response to their rookie release, with the band already racking up an impressive 300K streams on Spotify and landing on some of the streaming giant’s most talked about heavy playlists, from Crash Course to New Metal Tracks.

Amoura’s growing popularity has seen them embark on a number of successful tours as well as supports with the likes of genre heavyweights such as Citizen, Beartooth and The Plot in You.

Amoura’s latest release, new single “So Restless” balances guitar fueled alternative rock with explosive modern metalcore and continues Amoura’s push for national recognition in 2019.


Amoura is:

Jesse Curtis – Vocals
Mike Brumm – Guitars
Patrick Young – Guitars
Scott Werner – Bass
JR Kotrč – Drums


Official Website

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