SINGLE PREMIERE: Boston alternative rockers Major Moment have “No Fear” in uncertain times

(Boston, MA, November 6th, 2020) Boston rockers Major Moment have debuted their defiant new single and lyric video “No Fear” (YouTube/Spotify).

Having recently been nominated in the Rock Artist of the Year category at the Boston Music Awards, Major Moment look to bring a difficult year to a positive climax with their ambitious new track.

The band spoke exclusively to Outburn Magazine, to discuss the new track.

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If New England modern-rockers Major Moment were a political force, things could be a whole lot better in this country. The Boston-based act have a penchant for anthemic choruses, interesting electronic flourishes and straight-ahead rock energy. – Alt Press

Spearheaded by two Russian-born vocalists, Boston-based Major Moment have developed an intense and diverse cinematic rock soundscape that integrates heavy guitar riffs, multi-layered synths, and melodic vocals.

Since the release of debut EP ‘One Small Step’ in 2018, Major Moment have garnered a swell of support with their bold and ambitious brand of rock.

2019 follow up, ‘The Sequel’ hit the iTunes Charts in multiple countries and was the catalyst for 21 nominations at independent music awards. Major Moment continue to earn not only a buoyant fan base but also the recognition of their peers across North America and beyond, something further emphasized with supports for Outline in Color, Makari and Calling All Captains.

Following on from Summer’s gilt-edged political epic “The Flood”, Major Moment’s latest powerhouse anthem, “No Fear” is out now on (YouTube/Spotify).

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Official Website

Major Moment is:
Andrey Borzykin – Vocals, Synth
Sasha Razumova – Vocals, Keys
Eddie Thurmon – Guitar
Daniel Interrante – Guitar
Dave Kahn – Bass
Xanon Xicay – Drums

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