Singer-Songwriter Minnie Murphy Set to Release Spanish Version of Recent Single, “Get Over It,” titled “Superarlo”

Singer-Songwriter Minnie Murphy Releases Spanish Version
of Recent Single, “Get Over It,” Titled “Superarlo”
“Superarlo” is Available on All Streaming Platforms Today
(Nashville, TN – December 10, 2021) Singer-songwriter Minnie Murphy has released a Spanish version of her single, “Get Over It,” titled “Superarlo.” The track is available now on all streaming platforms. To listen to the track, click HERE.
Originally written by Minnie, Don Bedell, and Trafton Harvey, the Spanish version was translated by Kim Tate, a childhood friend of Minnie. Like “Get Over It,” “Superarlo” tells the story of a narrator who is reeling from a recent heartbreak as she does her best to find a way of moving forward.
While “Superarlo” features Minnie’s rich, effortless vocals and the lonesome melody of “Get Over It,” the track offers a musical styling of its own as well as a Spanish interpretation of the original lyrics.
Minnie shared the inspiration behind the release, explaining, “I’ve always found Spanish to be a beautiful language, and it’s always been a goal of mine to cross genres and bring people together. My best friend from childhood, Kim Tate, speaks fluent Spanish, so we reunited and she helped interpret the lyrics. I learned that when you record a song in a different language, it is not always an exact translation but instead an interpretation, as cultures have their unique way of saying things. I think she did a beautiful job!” 
A seasoned songwriter, Minnie has worked as a staff writer at Evergreen for the past six years, where she wrote “Get Over It” before releasing the Spanish version. She spoke about the meaning of “Get Over It,” saying, “I think everyone at one time or another has felt restless, lonely, impulsive, and self-destructive due to heartbreak. We’ve all made choices when we are just looking for instant relief. We know it will only make things worse, but we choose to deal with those consequences later. This is very relatable to me. One of my favorite psychologists, Caroline Myss, said we all share the self-saboteur archetype. Sometimes, it takes a lot of wrestling with ourselves and repeating the same mistakes until we begin to discipline our dark sides. Country music has always bravely revealed real-life struggles in this way, and the beauty of it all to me is that once you hear the raw personal story as a song, someone else can relate, and the healing begins. It lets us know we’re not alone. Music helps to trivialize our dramas because if you can sing about it, you can ‘Get Over It.'”
“Superarlo” comes on the heels of the original version of the track, “Get Over It,” which Minnie released in July 2021. “Get Over It” is the lead track off Minnie’s upcoming LP, due out in early 2022.
Minnie Murphy was born with music in her DNA. Raised in a musical family in the coastal town of Bellingham, Washington, father Jimmy Murphy, a guitarist, mother Patricia Murphy, a piano player, and she’s a half-sister to early-2000s country staple, Jamie O’Neal.
Minnie voyaged across the country with her father to Nashville, where she had the opportunity to write songs with some of the industry’s finest and record a handful of them at the mere age of 16. Those songs landed her a record deal at Sony Music Nashville a year later and a publishing deal as a songwriter at Sony ATV/Tree Publishing alongside her mother.
But Minnie got her first taste of the bitter side of the music industry when the deal fell through, following Sony’s merge with RCA. Turning to survival mode, Minnie waited tables while keeping her musical talents alive with gigs around Nashville, ranging from singing backup for Martina McBride and sister O’Neal on coveted stages, including the Grand Ole Opry and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, to weekly club gigs performing covers and originals in places like Maggianos, Sambuca, and Tootsies. After a patron noticed her at Sambuca, she landed a role in the 2010 film Redemption Road where she sang one of the first songs she ever wrote, “Bluer Than Blue.” Additionally, she toured internationally with Jack Ashford’s The Funk Brothers of Motown Band.
Minnie was then offered a deal at a new record company founded by her former team at Sony, only to have her album shelved, sending her back to waiting tables. Around that time, she knocked on the door of Evergreen Records President Johnny Morris, where she shared her desire of being a songwriter, a request granted in the form of her own writing room, and a refreshed perspective on the craft. For over a decade, she has been in Nashville, working as a writer and recording demos. Still a staff writer at Evergreen, where she’s been represented for the past six years, and where she wrote her recent single, “Get Over It,” alongside Don Bedell and Trafton Harvey, Minnie is gearing up for the release of a new LP.
In 2018, she faced some personal struggles; however, the tides changed for her after having a baby in 2020. Becoming a mother reignited her passion and vision and has led her to record and release new music, a fresh new project unlike any other at this time. Minnie’s reflective new single, “Get Over It,” delivers a potent mix of classic, traditional country alongside her unique musical ability to bring passion and real deal emotion to life, both vocally or instrumentally.
Minnie’s new LP, Evergreen, is due out later in early 2022. For more information on Minnie Murphy, visit her websiteInstagram and Facebook.

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