Elise Lieberth
Brings Powerful Vocals in Single
“I Need You”

Out Now On All Streaming Platforms

Listen to the single here
“Lieberth has concocted a soulful ballad full of love and compassion, with hard-hitting vocals and lyrics all backed up by a gospel choir.”

(Denver, CO – February 28th, 2020) As an artist, Elise Lieberth has never shied away from being vulnerable with her fans. Having been open about her past hardships and the process of healing, Lieberth continues to release music that allows others to feel heard. With this musical mission in mind, Elise Lieberth is now releasing her compelling single “I Need You”, out now on all streaming platforms. This single is another songwriting collaboration between Lieberth and fellow Denver artist Rachel James.

Behind a beautiful lilting voice, there lies a dark past that Elise Lieberth rose above, transforming into a fighter with big dreams. Having developed a love for singing and performing at a very young age, Elise knew that music would be her lifelong passion. Music carried her through some of the darkest periods of her life. Lieberth continues to transform her trials and tribulations into power songs carries an important message of hope.

With “I Need You”, she explores the power of a relationship in making through those hardships. Through the song, she encourages others to seek support from a loved one or partner when they feel lost in the darkness.

Reflecting on her personal inspiration for the single, Lieberth opens up, “When I co-wrote this song with Rachel James I was reflecting on a time that I was distancing myself from my husband and was crying myself to sleep over unresolved issues from my past while my husband was laying next to me had no idea. It wasn’t until I was honest with myself and my husband that I needed to seek therapy. Through that process, I realized I needed my husband’s support more than ever, I needed him to hold me at night, I needed him to be there for me emotionally, so that we could come out stronger and be able to say that we both stayed.”

“I Need You” is the fourth single from Elise Lieberth’s third original full-length album, Invincible. The album is currently only available through an exclusive pre-release on her website with the opportunity to receive a special signed copy and digital download.

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Listen to “I Need You” here
Track Listing:

Not Sure of Anything
Final Surrender
I Did Better
I Need You*
* Focus tracks
About Elise Lieberth
Blessed with her vocal abilities, she forged ahead with her music, singing in various bands. In 2009, she met local musician-turned-YouTube-sensation Tyler Ward, who co-wrote and produced her first album, Letters From Elise, which was released in May 2010. From 2010-2013, she gained a solid YouTube following and fanbase and released four albums with 80 songs, both originals and covers. She eventually took a break between 2013-2018 to focus on her family.
Although she has not released music in nearly 7 years, her cover song “According to You” is still making waves. Just this past August, her version of the song was used in over 76,000 videos on the popular TikTok app. When Lieberth’s teenage daughter decided to have her mom make an appearance in her TikTok video, it reached over 1 million views in 4 days! With her fanbase continuing to skyrocket, Lieberth realized this was a sign that she needed to create more music. In 2018, she collaborated on her new album, Invincible, with her friend, local musician and actress Rachel James.

Today, the Colorado mom, entrepreneur, and singer-songwriter is stronger than ever. She wants to share her story and show others, especially women, that they too can become invincible even in the face of immense struggle and pain.

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