Turn To Grey is an absolute must for hardcore fans everywhere!”10/10 – Rock N Load Mag

“Silent Descent should be making a much noisier climb back up the ladder”Ghost Cult Mag

“The moulding metal and electronica isn’t a new concept, however on ‘Turn to Grey’ Hertfordshire’s Silent Descent execute brilliantly with a well-balanced mix”Already Heard

Dartford born metal six-piece SILENT DESCENT released their eagerly anticipated third studio album ‘Turn To Grey’ last week. The album streamed exclusively with New Noise Magazine before its release and has been greeted with a fantastic reception from the band’s fanbase.

When you hear bands such as System of A Down, Slipknot or Linkin Park, like it, love it or hate it, you know exactly who they are from their own signature sound. SILENT DESCENT is by no means a nu metal band, but strive to capture that vibe of a signature sound that listeners can get from listening to just one track.

“We started writing this album after our last album Mind Games in 2012 so to finally release it has been liberating! We focussed on writing catchy hooks and riffs and our fans seem to enjoy it and some think it’s our best work and their favourite album! We couldn’t ask for a better response and we’re going to be excited to get this album out on the road.”SILENT DESCENT are gearing up to play the new album live and in 2018 they will announce some live dates. Coming to see the six-piece live is like being invited to the world’s best party, and their new single ‘Vortex’ is a perfect example of their exciting and addictive material. The single has almost reached 40,000 views since its unveiling and the lyrics for the single were greatly inspired by Maynard James Keenan and his band Puscifer. On this nautically themed track Matt’s state of mind is represented by a sinking ship and the meaning behind these lyrics also lies within the rest of the album. Each track on all three SILENT DESCENT albums tell a story of a man named Matt Wignol, who is referred to at the beginning of the bands lyric booklets.

SILENT DESCENT’s new album ‘Turn To Grey’ is out now and available via Spotify, Google Play and BandCamp.



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