The song, which kicks off as an angsty and tumultuous hyperpop track
about the trappings of love, gets amped up several notches
during its screamed intermission. – NYLON
JULY 2, 2021 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Experimental rock artist Siiickbrain has unveiled her latest single “Silence” today. The intoxicating track pairs the artist’s unique blend of sensual singing, soul-capturing screams and emotionally gripping lyrics. The accompanying video is premiering exclusively with NYLON today.
“While recording this song, I was thinking about how love can make you blind to how toxic a situation can be,” Siiickbrain shares on today’s release. “The video is based around the idea that in your mind you see things differently than how they really are when you’re drowning in emotions. For the video I also wanted it to be really stylized and just lean into the fashion side of things in a really creative way.”
Siiickbrain is the musical persona of Caroline Miner Smith. She grew up in a rural town and was always drawn to music but was afraid to dive in fully. While establishing herself as a highly desired model in New York City, Caroline started writing poetry as a means to cope with her own anxiety and personal demons. After moving to Los Angeles, Caroline was hit with a very close personal loss. “I really was hit with the reality that life is too fragile. I want to do what makes me happy and realized that I had nothing to lose by taking this leap. I just want to reach people and help them feel empowered to be themselves.”
Most recently, Siiickbrain joined Skrillex and Swae Lee on their propulsive track “Too Bizarre.” She also teamed up with incomparable Russian protest art collective Pussy Riot to unleash an electrifying anthem “POWER”, which drives home the idea that women can take back any power that was ever taken from them. Inspired by her favorite movie Fight Club, the music video showcases an all-female cast of bright, young rising stars like phemChloe Chaidez and more fighting it out, highlighting the raw power of women. The video was directed and produced by Andrew Sandler and part of the team behind Machine Gun Kelly’s Downfalls High, which Siiickbrain appeared in.
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