Signs Of The Swarm // Vital Deprivation // Album Review
Signs Of The Swarm // Vital Deprivation // Album Review10
Signs Of The Swarm // Vital Deprivation // Album Review10
Signs Of The Swarm // Vital Deprivation // Album Review10
Signs Of The Swarm // Vital Deprivation // Album Review10
Signs Of The Swarm // Vital Deprivation // Album Review10
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Slamming Deathcore doesn’t quite feel like it describes quite how aggressively brutal Sign Of The Swarm is, strap yourself in and get an appointment booked for an ambulance to pick you up for after you have been annihilated by this monster.

Bringing us the follow up to The Disfigurement of Existence, the band from Pittsburgh bring us their third album and the first with David Simonich on the vocals as the band aimed to produce something more aggressive and fast-paced than the previous release and then put it into the 10 track release to beat the living daylights out of the listener.

When I first pressed play, the impact that the opening track had was incredible. This Brutality, Technicality and utterly horrendously glorious sound that was testing the strength of my inner immediately put a huge grin on my face. The track lasts some 47 seconds before ‘Tempting Death’ arrives bringing a disturbingly dark low section along with an extreme and Technical influence and includes a guest vocal spot from Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin.

This ridiculous start to album isn’t a false peak either, as the aggression build so does the brutality and the skill of the Technical aspects really comes to the fore, displaying aspects of Slam and Deathcore, with guttural vocals in part matching the chugging guitars as the music wanders through the different sub-genres within the Brutal aspect of the genre.

By the time we reach ‘The Blood’ the reality of just how insanely good this album will start to hit you square in the chest as this blunt slab of brilliance continues to mash your entire being into a bloody pulp.

The 10 tracks span some 33 minutes of relentlessly horrifying brilliance and is clearly a very serious contender for Album Of The Year, especially in the more aggressive corners of the universe. The insane power created is rarely experienced and brutality is a thing that has to be experienced to be believed.

Signs Of The Swarm have created something extremely special and has set the bar extremely high, not only for every other aggressive band but also when they decide to follow this up. But they need to allow some time for the destruction that Vital Deprivation leaves in it wake to begin to be made good. As near to flawless as you are likely to find.

Ed Ford

Vital Deprivation is released October 11th 2019 via Unique Leader Records


1. Vital Deprivation
2. Tempting Death (feat. Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin)
3. Celestial Ascendance
4. Malformed Dissonance
5. Lost Within Reflection
6. The Blood
7. Crown of Nails
8. Undying Fidelity
9. Inevitable Affliction
10. Malevolent Enslavement


David Simonich – Vocals
Cory Smarsh – Guitar
Jacob Toy – Guitar
Bobby Crow – Bass
Jimmy Pino – Drums


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